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    Ansonia alarm clock, age and composition of the body?

    I still get emails when someone replies to my posts so I did see this. Sadly though this clock is long gone.
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    Ansonia Figure Clock case help

    Thank you Tom. Your clock looks fabulous! I did find out what clock it was as I have a Tran Du Ly Ansonia book. It’s “The Artist”. I do feel pretty fortunate to have gotten it. There are two very small broken parts on the left side front and back legs but otherwise it appears to be in...
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    Ansonia Figure Clock case help

    Hi Everyone, I just acquired this clock today. I have always wanted a figure clock and Ansonia is my favorite maker so I decided to purchase this one at a fair price (at least I think I did). However, I was looking at the case and it would seem someone tried to polish the case as evidenced by...
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    Can this suspension spring be fixed?

    I wanted to thank all of you for responding. After reading what everyone was saying, I tried it again, to get the clock going. I'm happy to report I was able to get the clock set up and running smoothly. Not sure exactly what I was doing wrong at first, but problem solved. Thanks again.
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    Can this suspension spring be fixed?

    I was able to get it running but it did seem to twist as well as tick tock. It was sent to beat but stop running because of the twisting motion. Is there anything I can do about that?
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    Can this suspension spring be fixed?

    I recently obtained this beautiful regulator clock that was in need of lots of repairs. I got the case back to it's beautiful shape, but when getting the clock running, I noticed the suspension spring is pretty bent. Can this be fixed? If so any help in how to do it would be appreciated. I...
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    Ingraham Wizard Repair/restore

    Okay, thanks. So, I hate to sound stupid, or rather as uneducated as I may be about this stuff....but could I use a black enamel spray paint or do I have to create it like I've been reading about? Thank you.
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    Ingraham Wizard Repair/restore

    Hi All, I am in the process of, or rather really just starting, to restore this old Ingraham Wizard Clock. As you can see by the photos, a number of places have worn, chipped or missing paint. I would like to repaint the clock, but am not sure as to what type of paint to use. I was thinking...
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    Clock parts wanted-older posts

    Hi Everyone, I am in the process of finishing up restoration on a EN Welch "Maritana" I am looking for the particular hardware for the sides. I have included a photo I have found on the web of the clock as well as a photo of mine before and after. Please send me a PM if you have this...
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    My Newest Ansonia

    Hi Everyone, I just got this clock last night at an auction. There were lots of clocks there last night and I would have loved to bring home a couple of them, but this is the one I was fortunate enough to win. I looked up information on line but I thought I'd come to the experts. Can someone...
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    Seth Thomas clock

    On the other hand, I just noticed that the pendulum rod is different from the one on my clock. I'll have to post a photo to see if there is something amiss.
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    Seth Thomas clock

    Hi All, I just recently won this exact model at auction. The one I got looks like someone stained the case a dark color and the dial is in really bad shape but both labels are there and everything seems intact except it's missing the pendulum bob. Is the one in this picture original to the...
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    Waterbury Dexter Clock

    Hi All, I went to our local consignment and thrift store and saw this clock yesterday. Having been dupped before I wanted to do a little research on it before buying it. I did some digging and found it is the Waterbury Dexter, Cottage Clock I think. It would appear to have the original...
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    Obsolete clock parts wanted

    Re: Clock Parts Wanted - Ingraham Liberty Hi I recently obtained an Ingraham Liberty clock (painted blue....) and needs some restoration. I'm looking for the decorative face (for lack of a better description) on the front of the case as well as the original glass to the clock. I know these...
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    Ingraham Adrian(???) info request.

    I noticed the post was old but thought I'd take a chance. Thanks for responding. Chris

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