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    Best Engraved Pocket Watch Movements

    Thanks for starting this thread Ethan. I absolutely love the engraving found on balance cocks and backplates of 18th-century watches and have a fair collection of images of watch engraving from that century. Going through my old phone, I found this image of Larcum Kendall's copy of John...
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    Online Forum for British Clocks?

    Hi Ed, Welcome to the forums. I have seen a few clocks similar to this. From what I can see, it looks like an English weight-driven clock; some of these are re-purposed movements from standard longcase clocks and others were purpose built. Usually, the easiest way to tell is if the weights can...
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    Early Adoption of George Graham's Cylinder Escapement

    Hi Allan, You ask a really good question!! I have looked at a number of early cylinder movements by Graham and the earliest examples had locking mechanisms fitted to the cap with discreet pinhole to release the catch. I don't think that there were London or other English makers outside of...

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