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    Dragons - Tall Case Identification Help

    See my post of 6/13. The clock pics I posted seem to have the same decoration on the case. Let me know what you think. I am looking for more pics from you.
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    American Very old Grandfather clock

    This clock belongs to a client. It was owned by a Judge that was born during the civil war. But no maker's mark or any other marking. I would appreciate knowing more about this clock. Weights and pendulum are missing so any info on those would be appreciated.
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    Owner says this clock is from Denmark

    Today I serviced a grandfather clock that I have never before seen. The clock is about 7 feet tall. The body of the clock is round and opens by pivoting at the right. The bonnet removes from the top. The movement is mounted to a thick board which simple sits atop 2 side boards and is not nailed...
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    French or German or both?

    Thanks for the correction and the information
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    French or German or both?

    Found this movement in this black slate French case. Is this trademark Junghans, or did some French company also use this mark? Or did Junghans have a French factory?
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    German Estimate of age, please

    Thanks for the comments. Here are some more pictures.
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    German Estimate of age, please

    Please help estimating the age of this Grande Sonnerie Vienna Regulator. The movement is unmarked. The case is 46 inches tall. The weights has the same engraving. It looks German to me but I suppose it could be Austrian.
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    I.D. grandfather clock

    No marking on rear of dial or anywhere. Unfortunately!
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    I.D. grandfather clock

    83 views and not one response to my question. That is a big surprise because I know that this forum has a ton of clock experts.
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    I.D. grandfather clock

    I am restoring the below pictured grandfather that recently came my way. I believe that it may be U.K. but not sure. Request help in identifying the origin and age.
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    German Is this really a Gustav Becker

    The trademark on the back plate is not like any I have seen and there is no serial number. See pics. Is this really a Gustav Becker? Why no serial number? Estimate of age? Is this a factory case or something an individual make?
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    Help ID Trademark

    Image 698193 looks exactly like the movement I have
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    Help ID Trademark

    This trademark is on the rear plate of what looks like a very typical small German clock with turned side columns and an R/A pendulum. I cannot find this trademark. Does someone know it? If so, when were they in business?
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    How to take movement out of case

    I did remove the hands but the perimeter of the dial is trapped behind the wood surround. Any other ideas??

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