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    Help German Kieninger Clock With a 130-020 Movement

    Cousins has replacement balances for £38.80. Balances However, the rear time winding arbor hole looks pretty worn in the photo, so there are likely other issues with the movement, including the likelihood of plated pivots. Cousins has this movement for £145.00; Butterworth in the States has...
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    Use of old fashioned spring winders.

    There are some brief instructions in the description here... Mainspring Winder, Bergeon
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    Bent tooth - leave it or straighten it

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    Teeth spacing on escape wheel

    David LaBounty had an excellent article on escape wheels on his site, but the link seems to be broken at the moment. From the Way-Back Machine... https://web.archive.org/web/20200923163716if_/https://abouttime-clockmaking.com/pdfs/escape_wheel_problems.pdf
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    Beroz "Morbier" Clock, but not a Comtoise...

    Mystery solved; I was reassembling the clock after rebuilding the movement and doing some carpentry on the case, and noticed the Keininger logo on the winding crank. Turns out to be a HSG(C) movement... Product: HSG(C) It is a pre-bronze second wheel bushing moment, and so I used a B4...
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    Help Help finding replacement wheel

    I 'm in the process of repairing a similar movement from and old Ridgeway clock, which I believe to be by E. Jauch. I was planning to replace it with a Hermle or Keininger movement, but the distance from the center shaft to the time winding arbor is about 34.5 mm, which is larger than any...
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    Westminster chimes wrong 4 notes

    As noted above, WD40 is not good for clock movements because it attracts dust which will eventually stop the clock. If you were in the 'States, (I don't know if this is available across the pond) I would suggest going to Wal*Mart and get a can of SuperTech engine starting fluid ('ether'; which...
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    Hubert Herr bushings

    Are all of the holes actually worn enough to need the bushings replaced?
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    Help Seth Thomas #2 regulator hands keep falling off

    I would have used blue Loctite myself. Hopefully it will come off the next time the clock needs to be serviced...
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    Solved Removal of winding arbor stop gear retainer?

    I hadn't considered Loctite. However, someone in the future will be working on this clock and they wouldn't know how they were secured; they might throw up their hands and put in a quartz movement. I have a wood works ogee clock case that someone did that that to...
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    Help Help finding replacement wheel

    I believe that may be an Erhard Jauch movement. Check for a broken mainspring, a damaged click and damage to other wheels in that train, as the pivot broke for a reason...
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    Repair blog

    I guess I'm a troglodyte, as I read this forum on an actual computer on my desk... :)
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    Solved Removal of winding arbor stop gear retainer?

    That's good to know, Mark. :) I need to order some odds and ends from you soon, so what should I ask for? This is the movement in question, from a modern "Morbier" clock. Do you recognise it? Some parts look Hermle-esque, but there is no labeling indicating the maker ('01 H' on the back) and...
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    The future, perhaps: Chinese grandfather clocks

    Oooo, 5% off 5 or more! :p It says it has a Hermle movement. Which one does one get, though? It looks like there are at least 4 different clocks pictured in that ad...
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    Anyone compared results on cheap ultrasonic vs expensive?

    A simple test would be to compare how many how much is left of a piece of aluminum foil sonicated in water for a fixed time. I have a little Harbor Freight jewelry cleaner for years to clean model train parts, and it will leave a piece of foil looking like Swiss cheese. It is better than my...