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    Plato clock repair

    Hi Darrah been having a look at your presentation...I notice on the page showing the clock patented the 7th July there is a patent no on the top left...the number is obscured...I would love to have a look at the original you have the full number thanks ever so Rach
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    Plato clock repair

    Hi Thank you so much for your help... I've had a go and am getting the moment am stuck.. I can't work out how to fit the piece of metal which goes in between the two disks and works with the controller tabs. Another issue is the fact that the top disc is stuck and turns with...
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    Plato clock repair

    Hi I'm hoping someone can help.... i have a plato clock that needs's in a number of pieces...the actual movement seems to be fine and I have all the bits but don't know how to fix. Does anyone know where I can find any info on reassembling? I've searched the internet but...

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