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    I thought that might be the cause. Thanks
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    I have a cuckoo/quail. The quail and time work perfect. On the hour the cuckoo side doesn't always work. If I pull down on the weight very slightly the cuckoo will work. Any ideas?
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    Assemblers Putty

    There is a video on You Tube by James Martin where he does Cuckoo/Quail restoration for me. Look for #28.
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    Assemblers Putty

    The purpose of the putty is to hold wheels , warning pins and cams in place once you have them in the correct position. I struggle assembling cuckoo/quails and three wheel cuckoos. Simple Regulas and Schatz etc. are no problem. Wiggling pivots into their holes is also no problem.
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    Assemblers Putty

    I am looking for putty to hold wheels etc in place while assembling movements. It may have been called Assemblers Putty many years ago. There may be something similar. It can't leave any residue on the parts. Any thoughts?
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    Hubert-Herr cuckoo bushings

    You Tube is loaded with videos on how to replace bushings.Timesavers is an excellent company to buy supplies.
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    G.M.angem Count wheel cuckoo clock problem

    I put the plate in the vise so that there is some clearance around the wheel. I use a small punch and lightly tap the wheel off. Another method ,find a pair of pliers where the teeth fit the gear and twist it off very carefully. I leave the wheel attached easy to clean.
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    Smooth Broaching New Bushings

    I agree with you 100%
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    Help Any way to self-teach clock repair

    Enjoy! Believe me you will get hooked. I am learning how to repair Cuckoos. Fairly complicated. Regula and Schatz are easy. Three weight musical and Cuckoo Quail are fun. Been doing it for a little over a year and still learning!
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    Help Cuckoo Quail Movement Identifcation

    I just got a cuckoo/quail movement. The front plate is stamped G.G. BERGER. There is a stamp in a circle with a leaf and GHS. Also a 72 stamp. I have never seen one like it. The lever that operates the quail whistle is inside the plates. I assume the 72 represents 1972. It is extremely dirty...
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    Cuckoo clock Quail stopping problem

    dperry428 has an excellent video on you tube about a cuckoo quail repair.
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    Help Teeth on a main wheel are flattened

    How do I post photos from my iPhone?
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    Help Teeth on a main wheel are flattened

    Can the teeth be repaired? How can I remove the plate with the teeth?
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    Help Cuckoo Clock Help

    I have a GEBR KUNER QUAIL movement. I would like to know what links per foot chain I need and the proper weight for the weights? Also is there any way to buy a new THREE WEIGHT CUCKOO MOVEMENT? Does any one know if there are any Clock Suppliers who carry them?

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