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    A friend's pocket watch

    Well, of course the answer is: "Wound it so tight the winder broke off". Now let me duck out of here...Heh, heh.
  2. Robert Gordon

    Portland, Oregon: Chapter 31 (Officially "Pacific Northwest")

    Our Chapter 31 program this Sunday, December 20th, is scheduled at an earlier time--1pm. Andrew Dervan is the presenter. He is speaking on Public Time Keeping: Evolution of sundials, water clocks and tower clocks. He is a member of a Michigan Chapter. Andrew has lectured at NAWCC National...
  3. Robert Gordon

    Portland, Oregon: Chapter 31 (Officially "Pacific Northwest")

    October 18 Zoom meeting: Mr. Stephen Nelson is known to most as having a very great affinity for Viennese clocks. So you may note something interesting about his mentor in the Theme for his presentation at this Sunday's meeting: "A walk through my main bench, discussing the tools I use the...
  4. Robert Gordon

    Portland, Oregon: Chapter 31 (Officially "Pacific Northwest")

    Members and other readers, It will be our privilege to have a presentation by Dave Sandage, Astronomer. When I mentioned his name as to this presentation a few weeks ago on one of Chapter 135's Zoom meetings, the question was asked "THE Dave Sandage?" That question might give you an idea of the...
  5. Robert Gordon

    References for Complications

    New edition of LeCoultre's A Guide to Complicated Watches is due out on August 30, 2020, Simonin catalog # 2777. Booksimonin, Spécialiste en livres d’horlogerie 75 CHF, $82.50 US as of today. Plus Shipping & Handling. You're welcome...just don't buy anything else on my wish list. I fear I have...
  6. Robert Gordon

    Portland, Oregon: Chapter 31 (Officially "Pacific Northwest")

    NAWCC Chapter 31 August Presentation AND Council meeting. WHEN: 2pm Sunday, August 16, 2020. WHERE: Internet Zoom meeting. WHAT: Bob Holmstrom - Harrison Decoded and Harrison's late wooden clocks. AFTERWORDS: Council meeting for discussion of next year's Regional, and Budget for same. (Budget...
  7. Robert Gordon

    Portland, Oregon: Chapter 31 (Officially "Pacific Northwest")

    Our first Chapter Zoom meeting in June was a roaring success! (Definition of "roaring success": When you realize the meeting is scheduled for Father's Day, but 12 people still show up for the Zoom meeting!) It isn't the same as having a physical meeting with a Mart, snacks, and coffee, but it is...
  8. Robert Gordon

    Portland, Oregon: Chapter 31 (Officially "Pacific Northwest")

    Chapter Members and Guests, We are going to use old and new technology for a scheduled Zoom meeting, Sunday, June 21: Old technology - You can call in on the phone that is wired to your wall to hear and talk to all. New technology - High frequency radio waves (George K.: or are they ultra-high...
  9. Robert Gordon

    Info on nomenclature

    Mr. Barnes, This Forum (Dr. Jon, Graham...), and Google, are your friend. If you do some searching, you can also find a copy of Watch and Clock Encyclopedia, by Donald de Carle. My edition is dated 1977, I think there is a 1978 edition...they won't break the bank, might find an even later...
  10. Robert Gordon

    Help Live on-line meetings

    Tom, As to your original post, a subset of members of Chapter 31 used Lifesize for a while, but we have decided to go with an actual subscription to ZOOM for those Saturday meet-ups and future monthly Chapter meetings. Once we re-start meetings in person, we'll still do ZOOM for those that can't...
  11. Robert Gordon

    It's Coming...?

    Tim Orr's reimbursement offer is another case of his grasp of a situation, and offering a solution. This is pretty much the way he offered to answer an entrance question about admitting a non-member to the 75th Anniversary Mart in York. If the non-member was to show up, if I remember correctly...
  12. Robert Gordon

    Help Replacement battery wont start watch

    You mentioned “The Theory of Horology”. I happened to acquire a copy in 2018, was reading through it, and started making a note of errors/questions as I went. I fear I must have given the list to someone that is familiar with the book, so cannot pass on all the examples I found, but the person I...
  13. Robert Gordon

    Portland, Oregon: Chapter 31 (Officially "Pacific Northwest")

    This Chapter notice will likely be received and read the day that we normally have a scheduled monthly meeting, May 17th. We will not have a meeting in this month of May. I would like to work toward having a meeting in June via the internet. This would be a method to bypass any still-in-effect...
  14. Robert Gordon

    Help Replacement battery wont start watch

    Glad that you got it running. Until that post, I was thinking that it was a remote possibility the statement in the original post: "Battery is definitely good/tested.", held a clue. In the current just-out issue of the AWCI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute) Horological Times, May...
  15. Robert Gordon

    French carriage clock.. broken staff and some questions

    This book is not a "How to fix...", but an indispensable addition to a reference library on carriage clocks: Carriage and Other Travelling Clocks; Roberts, Derek; Schiffer Publishing 1993; Library of Congress Catalog Number 93-85224; ISBN: 0-88740-454-5. "Oh, look, another book I have to...

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