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    Annoyingly random movement....

    My post about the potential of making a clock with a chaotic "double pendulum" was meant to refer to a clock with one pendulum hanging on the bottom of another pendulum (pendulums in series) as described in the Wikipedia article (Double pendulum - Wikipedia) rather than two pendulums "in...
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    Annoyingly random movement....

    As a maker of sculptural kinetic wooden clocks, I briefly investigated the possibility of using a “double pendulum” on a clock. Double pendulums are used to demonstrate chaotic behavior and their motion can be visually very captivating. My hope was to design a pendulum that had a random...
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    Clockmaking History

    To clarify, I am not trying to avoid the request as I agree that it is good practice to be able to cite references that support one’s assertions. Being a clockmaker rather than a clock historian, I am interested to know if there is a definitive book on clockmaking history that I should read to...
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    Clockmaking History

    I am in the process of writing an article for the NAWCC Bulletin on contemporary clockmakers that includes a brief discussion on the history of small clockmaking workshops. The draft article included the paragraph - "With the advent of the industrial revolution, the small craft workshops...
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    Learning by 3D designing

    Hello Rod, In case you are not aware, you might be interested in Brian Law's 3D printed Swiss Lever escapement clock shown on YouTube - with extensive details of a similar clock on his blog - A design for a Minute engine. Brian has been pioneering the use of 3D printing to create clocks...
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    Any one used DelphElelectronics Clock Gear Application?

    Chris, I use Gearotic software ( "Gearotic Motion Gear design Software" ) for wheel design and layout. You can see some examples at The software allow you to design numerous types of gear and also has a number of escapement design options. I do not find the Gearotics...
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    Shape of escapement teeth?

    Chris, I agree that "Laurie Penman: Practical clock escapements" is a great resource, but I would recommend you take a look at Mark Headrick’s work “Clock and Watch Escapement Mechanisms” ( ) which is an amazing resource on escapement design that...

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