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    Skeleton Clock kit – Help Needed

    Some members may recall my father, Walter, at NAWCC marts. He was a long-time NAWCC member and recently passed away at age 97. This weekend I moved his skeleton clock, my favorite, to my home. Pop built this clock in 1984 and actually visited Classic Clocks in the UK as part of a vacation...
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    Board of Director Elections & Appointments

    Thanks for the kind words. Just one update and that is that my term does not end until 2023, another two years. However, my term as Board Chair will end at our July meeting when the board elects new officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary).
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    Board of Director Elections & Appointments

    At the last Board of Directors meeting on Thursday, April 22, 2021, Renee Coulson (TN) and Cathy Gorton (NC) we’re appointed to the Board, and Chris Miller was appointed to the Nominations & Elections Committee. With these appointments, the composition of the Board and the NEC are complete. As...
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    Horologist leaving London for the Continent around 1705 - why?

    Robert, I was looking recently at Sabrier's, La Longitude en mer á l'heure de Louis Berthoud et Henri Motel, the book about Louis Berthoud and Henri Motel, and there is a very complementary description of Sully's work. I've attached a picture of that page in case you haven't seen it.
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    Jones & Horan donates Grand Prize for the Hampton, Virginia National Convention

    A huge shout-out to Jones & Horan, one of our sponsors for the 2021 National Convention in Hampton, Virginia ( ). They also just donated the Grand Prize for the Awards Banquet, a wonderful WWI Corps of Engineers marked watch that was supplied to the American...
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    National Meeting Ask Questions About the 2021 National Meeting in Hampton Roads VA Here

    The convention is full speed ahead and the entire team (about 30 volunteers) are meeting every few weeks to achieve a safe and fun event. Details are on the convention website that Tom already discussed. As of two weeks ago, the host hotel, which is right next door to the convention center, was...
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    Goddard pocket watch???

    Mary, there has not to my knowledge. Always opportunity for a member or members to pull together information. I could be wrong, but I don't think there has been a comprehensive article in the Bulletin on Goddard for probably 30 or 40 years. More recently, the 23rd NAWCC Seminar, "Boston: Cradle...
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    Goddard pocket watch???

    I was looking at the Forums for information on Daniel Goddard and came across this older post from 2001. This thread, and many websites and references, infer that Goddard signed watches engraved with the town "Worcester" all had movements finished in England. I'll throw a bone to those that...
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    Bigelow Kennard

    Philip, thank you for taking the time to display these movements and provide their histories. My journey began just a few months ago at a NAWCC boot sale in the Chicago area and I was at first very hesitant to ask for help on this forum, where many very knowledgeable collectors frequent. I’m...
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    Bigelow Kennard

    I heard back from Audemars Piguet's Specialist Archivist / Museum Archivist Raphaël Balestra who confirms that it’s not theirs. They do have a movement number 5786 in the archives that is recorded as an unsigned, 17 lignes movement with split-second chronograph, sold in 1900 in a 14K gold case...
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    English Verge / Fusee Watch Papers & Samplers

    Back to the focus of this thread. A number of comments relating to a wonderful watch paper printing plate were previously posted (message # 6, 10, 13, 16, 22, 23) for a London maker, William Hext, that likely dates to the 1740's (my estimate). Exceedingly few plates exist because they had a...
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    JLS casemakers papers

    Congrats! A Massey 5 doesn't come up very often.
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    Old BOD Pictures

    We need to get these into the archives. I had to look twice at the tanned man in the back row. Its Myron Mintz, who is still volunteering his services to the NAWCC as our General Counsel. Thank you Myron!
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    JLS casemakers papers

    John, your points are good ones. However, patriotism is a part of market forces and that was my point. I don't believe that London makers walked away from the most wealthy and growing demand for watches in the world which was American cities, and just relinquished it to their competition in...

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