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    1950 Era Chris Craft Holiday dash clock

    I may have he Chris Craft clock. Restored several Chris Crafts and have some parts. Need a picture of what your looking for
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    George Jones Wall Clock

    Another photo. Not much different. Thanks for your help. Randy
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    George Jones Wall Clock

    Attached is a photo of the Jones clock that I need help with. Movement which is correct is on my work table.I have made a couple of small repairs to the case.
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    George Jones Wall Clock

    I can take some photos and post them if that will help. Thanks, Randy
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    George Jones Wall Clock

    Hello All, I am in need of photos and measurements of the door trim pieces on a George Jones wall pin wheel regulator. I know that clockmogul has one but have not been able to get in touch. Thanks in advance, Randy
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    George Jones Pinwheel Regulator

    Hello All, I recently acquired a George Jones pinwheel wall regulator. The case is missing the trim pieces at the sides of the door. Top and bottom. I am hoping that someone would take close up pictures with a tape. Thanks in advance for your help. I sent clockmogul a pm I know that he has the...
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    I love it.....but what is it?

    I was also interested in this clock, but sadly was not the high bidder. The problem that I saw with the case was the dial was too small for the opening. I did see some veneer damage but repairable. My intent was to make a new dial surround and repair the veneer. Unlike you I didn't have the case...
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    Waterbury No 53

    Hello, Was the Waterbury No 53 offered in Cherry. I recently purchased one and it is not oak or walnut? Thanks in advance. Randy
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    Samuel Estell's "Programme Clock"

    If you will send me a pm , I believe I can tell you where the clock was for sale.
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    Gilbert # 11

    Hello, Purchased a Gilbert #11 time only. The weight pulley board has been replaced. Did the time only model have the same pulley arrangement with multiple pulleys as the time and strike? Thanks in advance. Randy
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    Seth Thomas #1 Help

    Burkhard, I have started applying the strips just like you suggested. The only difference is I am using a 1/2 x 19 brad to hold the wood in place. The brads will be covered by the label once all is complete. Thanks for your suggestions.
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    Seth Thomas #1 Help

    Trying to repair the weight damage to a ST #1. Cut the strips individually 1/4"x 4" with notch to fit back board. Intent was to install the wood strips then veneer. The amount of sanding would be too much. Has anyone performed this repair and how was it done? I am going to next glue the strips...
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    Beat Scale

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for a Welch Spring & Company beat scale. Anyone have one? Thanks, Randy
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    Self winding 3 pole rotary

    Re: Pictures Self Winding 3 Pole Rotary Thanks for the information. I understand now that a standard did exist until it was convenient to change. Probably going to be hard to find a case but I am in no hurry. Thanks again, Randy
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    Self winding 3 pole rotary

    Pictures Self Winding 3 Pole Rotary Here are the photo's of the movement discussed yesterday. I hope this corrects my confusion. Randy

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