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    Haller Quartz "400 day" desk clock

    Thanks to both of you for your answers. Since nothing happens with the suggestions made, I think this clock needs a priest to give it the last rites. Not a bad looking clock and too bad it has but one life 😞 Al Stevenson
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    Haller Quartz "400 day" desk clock

    I have in for repair a desk clock made by Haller, with quartz movement, that is currently dead in the water (even with new battery). Im hoping someone has a new or slightly used movement to replace the one in this case, since Ive had no luck in finding one from any other source (clock supply...
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    American American Clock Co wiring diagram

    I have in for repair an American Clock Co. wall clock with the "stick" movement (B3740) that has had some amateur "repairs" to all the wiring. I have looked at Goodrich's The Modern Clock section on this clock but there are no in-depth wiring diagrams for the coils. I've attached 3 pics of...
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    Hampden Pocket Watch

    I am looking for an hour hand or pair of proper hands (such as whip and spade) for a Hampden 23j No. 104, OF, LS. If the hands from a Wm McKinley or other Hampden model will work, please let me know. Many thanks. Al Stevenson
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    Clock parts wanted Obsolete older posts II

    Need mainspring Help! I need a new or new-old stock loop end mainspring for a Sessions two train Westminster chime movement. The spring that I need measures 3/4" wide, by .020" thick, by 96" long. The clock supply houses no longer offer this spring. I'm hoping that someone has one in their...
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    A few questions about clock makers.

    I'm trying to find some information for a fellow NAWCC member about a banjo type clock with a name of Robert Foster on the dial. There is a person by that name listed as a clock or watch maker in the UK, but I suspect that this clock is American made, and may be a one-of-a-kind custom made case...
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    Obselete Watch Parts Wanted

    Re: Wanted: Seth Thomas pocket watch dial. Hello. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'd be interested in the dial. Would you mind running the dial thru the ultrasonic to see if the seconds dial would clean up to match the rest of the dial. Please let me know thru my regular email...
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    Obselete Watch Parts Wanted

    Wanted: Seth Thomas pocket watch dial. Does anyone have a very good to excellent Seth Thomas pocket watch dial, Arabic numbers, to fit a model 5 size 18 movement No. 248 for sale? A non- working loose movement or watch with a good dial? Please reply with condition and price. Thanks. Al...
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    Ansonia "LENSET" electric clock.

    Don. I think I've seen one other similar to this one on ebay a year or so back. Wonder if someone wasn't playing on Ansonia's name after they quit making clocks. Al
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    Need Ansonia going train parts.

    For whatever reason, my attempts at uploading a couple of pics just freezes my computer. Anyway, the present minute shaft length is 2 5/8" from top of back plate to tip of minute square. From top of front plate to tip of minute square is 1 1/8". Maybe this will help you some. Thanks for...
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    Ansonia "LENSET" electric clock.

    I'm sure someone in here has seen one of the Ansonia "Lenset" electric clocks, altho they seem to be scarce. The movement of the one I have is mounted into a green marble case, sitting on a rectangular marble base. The movement has a capsule motor with no markings anywhere, and the only...
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    Need Ansonia going train parts.

    I have an early Ansonia mantle movement that needs a longer minute shaft and going train to match. The movement is of the pre-1881 style with squared-off corners (not the arch-plate design). The minute shaft needed should be about 3 1/2" long from the top of the back plate to the end of the...
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    Help! New escape wheel for ST

    I have in for repair a ST 'Santa Fe' with the 1875 patent lyre 8 day spring movement that someone replaced the original escape wheel with a new one (presumably made in India) that is out of round and the clock stops periodically. It has been cleaned, rebushed, etc, and everything looks ok...
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    Question about Schatz 'ELEXACTA' swing clock

    Hopefully this one will show up of the movement. Al
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    Question about Schatz 'ELEXACTA' swing clock

    I tried to post a couple of pics, but my 'puter just decided to squat and do nothing. So, in that absence, Ill try to answer the several questions that were posted in reply to my initial query. This movement appears to be the "klapmagnet" type, with secondary small pendulum that is attached to...

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