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    French 19th century Boulle clock with matching candle sticks

    Just bought this at a local auction. Hope I didn't pay too much but it was one of those, "I have to have this" type. It states it was made in France has an H&H stamp on the back of the works but am having trouble reading the manufacturer of the works. Even under high magnification it is hard to...
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    Different cuckoo clock

    Thanks for the inputs from you and the previous entree.... I found the main cause and when I fixed that I used the given input to fine tune it. The lever that gets pushed down by the clock mechanism lifts the other end to disengage ie extract the pin from the hole in the gear slide on a slotted...
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    Different cuckoo clock

    Attached are some photos of a cuckoo clock, maker unknow but similar to a Regula. What is weird is the levers to activate the side mounted music box. Also the strike side has a chain hole with a brass eyelet. Since that weight side of the strike mechanism chain is at such an angle, through the...
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    Hammond small electric clock

    Turns out there was a very small slot between the bezel and the glass that allowed me to pry up a ring around the glass that in turn released the face. Then I could remove the hands and extract the works. After all of that I found the transformer was dead (open)... all that for nada,,,
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    Urgos Grandfather clock works problem

    Thank you. Will give it a try...
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    Urgos Grandfather clock works problem

    After reading some older Urgos postings it sounds like I might need to advise the customer that these works need to be replaced with Hermle works?
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    Urgos Grandfather clock works problem

    attached are a few photos of a Urgos GF clock that I am searching for info on as to how the Westminster chime side levers and hook should be aligned and properly adjusted. I have a number of reference books but nothing on this particular works. Could use some help. Thanks
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    Hammond small electric clock

    I removed the nuts and the screws from the works all the nuts did was allow me to remove the label plate on the back. The two screws were what held the "can" to the wooden case. I cannot get the glass off the tine case. It appears there is a rolled edge that captures the rear can to the bezel...
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    Hammond small electric clock

    picked this up at an auction. Took a chance as no one bid on it. I can not figure out how to open it up. Appears to have a rolled edge on the back side but to try to undo that would really mess up the clock. Any ideas?
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    What is this tool or gage?

    Attached is some kind of tool but I have no idea what it is for or how to use it. Got it in a pile of auction stuff.
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    Haller W993 made in Germany

    I received a battery operated mini anniversary clock that has a rotating pendulum mechanism that uses a balance wheel style coil spring. I can't find any instructions on how to replace the works. Also where do I find replacement balance wheel springs as the one that was in the unit was greatly...
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    Colonial GF clock chime hammer problem

    attached are some photos of a grandfather clock I am struggling with. Notice it is sort of a bim bam style set of hammers. 2 on one set and 3 on the other. The short set works fine but I am at a lost on setting the 3 set of hammers. They lift too high and flop backwards. There is an adjustment...
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    Tiffany Tiffany never wind battery clock

    Found this at the bottom of a box of old clocks from a garage. It is in pretty bad shape. All the wires are barely attached and definitely need to be replaced. Before I go any further with trying to resurrect it I thought I would reach out to someone who might know something about it...
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    400 day clock metal stand cleaning

    I have seen some clock people who work on these clocks and have restored the metal frames, not the brass works, but the stands themselves. They look virtually new. How the heck do they do that? Looked for threads about this but haven't found much. I can get the works on these clocks refurbished...
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    Cuckoo clock given to me.....

    Thanks for the info....

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