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    Truing Caliper

    Good hint, Karl! I will try that method next time (if not forgotten till then). For bending I use a pliers with brass tips similar to this one: Bending in the caliper is questionable in my eyes, as it is stress for the rivet. Finally, none of my calipers are used any more: now I test in the...
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    Cimier "Chronograph" Balance staff

    I was afraid, you would reply so. OK: Frank
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    Cimier "Chronograph" Balance staff

    I do it that way every time, want pictures? :-) Frank
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    Is flattening a balance pivot an acceptable Wostep Standard

    He did, e.g. here: But it rather looks like a thank you for his sponsor B. Not forgetting to mention, to do it on medium quality or less watches only. Frank
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    eTimer Question

    Not only sample rate, also mono/stereo and 8/16 bit must match. Frank
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    eTimer Question

    Why don't you ask the maker of e-timer? He should know what parameters his program needs!
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    What is this

    maybe the blue bar is a key for the clamping screw? Frank
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    Imhof quartz: Battery ideas for 1.35 volt replacement

    Voltage drop of a diode is dependent on the current flowing (according an e-function). If you have the nearly zero current of your tester only, you will get too low figures. You should test voltage drop with a current similar to that of the driven quartz motor. Frank
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    Mainspring replacement for military JLC pocket watch

    But who knows if the old mainspring already was a wrong replacement? Imho the calculator is of limited use, it does not propose a usable thickness range. Frank
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    Parting tools.

    My Andrae & Zwingenberger has one, too. Frank
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    South Bend Size 12 Grade 407 Hairspring Replacement

    :-) I stopped supplying rare parts to amateurs, even if I have enough. They are turned to scrap faster than you can look, resulting in disappearing resources for us watchmakers. Frank
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    Imhof quartz: Battery ideas for 1.35 volt replacement

    Congratulation :-). However with this adapter and the tiny 357 you lost a lot of capacity / running time. I suspect, this pricey adapter contains nothing more than the schottky diode (<$0.05) that David mentioned above. Frank
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    ATO clock repair

    If I remember well, the gold contacts can be removed from its carrier, turned around and mounted again. I did this many years ago. Frank
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    Watch Tuner Timegrapher

    Marv, his reply was, he uses "Parallels" for Windows programs, but an external microphone only works via an USB soundcard. Unfortunately I cannot help further, as I do not use Mac computers (except my Iphone). But also with recent Windows computers it became tricky to persuade a mic input...
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    Watch Tuner Timegrapher

    I will ask someone who runs it on Mac. Frank

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