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    IWC Sealand "Boston" model, Calibre 25

    Nice! Once I had an opportunity to get this full plate IWC but I missed my chance :(
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    Repairing a new Shanghai A581 remake watch...

    Once again my Shanghai broke :( Tej click spring... evaporated. Barrel bridge removed (due to unhooked mainspring). Replacement click spring... And done... What a crappy thing... The missing click spring I did not find. It... evaporated.
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    Show off all sizes of your BW Raymonds

    12 size, circa 1911. Recased.
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    12 size B.W.Raymond movement

    Checked some pictures. And I found the GMW wheel Better. Case is poor, but that’s what I have for now... Nice... I like it :)
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    12 size B.W.Raymond movement

    Do you have one from similar run? Because I want to confirm the brass wheel is a replacement. I should have a higher grade wheel somewhere. Not that good, but a GMW grade wheel should be somewhere in my trash...
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    12 size B.W.Raymond movement

    Hi again! It’s been a while, but I don’t work on watches that much anymore. So much going on in my life recently, I don’t have time or attention to spare. This is what I got recently, though... Short of balance wheel and... I think this should have a better center wheel... But still, a...
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    H. O. NARDIN ?

    It was very common in Swiss watches. I have a Tissot and a Quartier marked compensated, but with the rim not cut all the way..
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    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    And... Nomos for today :)
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    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

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    Rare, early Olivier Quartier (au Locle en Suisse) lever pocket watch.

    I've refreshed the case from outside a bit and I wear this Quartier from time to time. The back is bad, but all in all it looks very well.. Actually it turns out to be a good 'keeper' and can be used to keep time. Also, it does not have a fusee chain, so it can be worn on daily basis...
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    Front & Rear Wind Fusee?

    The one over the barrel is the regulator, clearly the fusee has squares on both ends...
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    Geneva stop question

    It’s not very difficult to work on the stopworks, as the setup tension is low and not ‚dangerous’ so to say. Sometimes I manage to do it at first shot, sometimes second, but I never damaged anything working on that particular mechanism. Very straightforward...
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    Bought in Prague - a miracle from Lower Silesia

    I've gone to the Museum of Decorative Arts and it's just glass and litography at the moment :( Anyway... the watch was non working, so I took it apart... The watch needed a mainspring, so I fitted a used one... Good enough.... The parts cleaned up very well. Especially the dark-tarnished...
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    Bought in Prague - a miracle from Lower Silesia

    Prague again! Close to the market square, I found a nice place :) There were many nice watches there and some caught my eye, but having too many things to spend money on, I decided to choose something inexpensive... This is just a 4 jewel cylinder watch... What makes it nice, though...

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