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    Can't identify Herschede clock

    There's a book with reprints from four Herschede catalogs. Yours is in the 1904 catalog Pattern 105. This would be before Herschede was making it's own movements.
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    General Electric Model 402 - Info Needed

    GE chime clocks were made by Revere (Herschede). These links might be helpful. http://www.abbeyclock.com/telechron.html https://telechrontime.com/
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    Old grandfather clock case problem

    I think you're missing feet. Compare your clock to other period examples; online or books.
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    Clocks of Windsor Castle

    His predecessor was featured in a documentary a few years back. 40m mark.
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    8/0 size "Nun's or Nurse watch" grade 532 Chatelaine

    If I remember rightly, Nuns could not wear gold jewelry (apart from a wedding ring).
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    Input from Seth Thomas aficionados appreciated

    Okay, I just bought a clock through *THAT* auction site. Its a Seth Thomas (?), not listed in Tran. A Louis XIV style mantle clock in Adamantine. It has genuine age, appears to be mahogany under the celluloid. the bottom is stamped Seth Thomas style with 4981L (Dec. 1894). It has a round, French...
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    Old Herschede mantel clock

    I'd like to point out that this is a dual chime clock, and you should make sure that the hammers are set for either Westminster or Canterbury, not in between.

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