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    1834 Vale & Rotherham 'Bullingford farmer's verge'

    I have a fusee lever, massey III, silver pocket watch, marketed by Manoah Rhodes of Bradford in his first year of business 1836, hallmarked Birmingham 1835 VR and JF. Bradford is in West Yorkshire, and Manoah Rhodes, trained as a silversmith, became the major silver, gold and jewellery retailer...
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    1834 Vale & Rotherham 'Bullingford farmer's verge'

    Just a small point about the spelling of Rotherham. John Rotherham married Bridgett Platts (nee Kevitt) at St John the Baptist, Coventry on 6 Dec 1786. In the parish register the clerk spelled his name Ratheram, but John signed his name in the register John Rotherham. John and Bridgett`s...
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    Litherland Davies Massey III

    I have never seen an english watch movement made like that. I understand Litherland Davies & Co ended as retailers in Liverpool rather than manufacturers. Could this be continental? Paul
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    Art deco watch, date? maker?

    Thanks Piers, I have seen the same movement layout in Longines, but the detail of dial mounting, click and lever mounting were different. Did Longines make all their own movements, and the same with Ebel, did they make their own? Regards Paul
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    Art deco watch, date? maker?

    I have an unsigned pocket watch in art deco style made of white metal,?nickel with a chrome finish on the dust cover. It came to me from Denmark. The dial is cream, arabic numerals are bronze, subseconds dial markings are in blue and tiny 24 hour numerals also in blue. The watch is 48mm...
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    Help identify watch maker

    Thanks Enrico.
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    Help identify watch maker

    I have this little silver ladies watch 28 mm diameter, cylinder escapement, crown wind and pin set. The case has the French 0.800 silver mark of a crab. The movement I think has some family resemblance to my Le Coultre calibre 6 (picture 4). Does anyone recognise this cylinder...
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    I know the maker stamp, but what does the the F stand for?

    Hi Kurt, I think yours is 1922, and I have a 1924 gold Rotherham and Sons pocket watch with an F next to the makers mark. I think all the 1920s Rotherham watches that I have seen also have the F but I have no idea who the jointer F is. Paul
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    Rotherhams London

    Hi Kurt, I think Rotherhams produced this movement from as early as 1890 until perhaps 1930. It is crown wind and pin set, and three quarter plate, which was usual in 1890, but uncommon after 1905. I think they were appealing to a traditional english retrospective market. I think this has...
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    Joseph Johnson with Historical dial "HMS Brisk"

    It looks like an american Baldwin six wheel connected engine circa 1848 with mistakes in the detailing. Paul
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    John Moncas, Liverpool

    Hi Jerry, John Moncas born in Liverpool 10 December 1787, but died in Strand London 7 March 1854 where had become a bookseller. find a grave came up trumps, and it is definitely the same one (shown by parish records of his children). His son Thomas Burdett Moncas also a watchmaker ended up in...
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    J Hewitt of Coventry

    The Liverpool John Hewitt is the one in my first reply 1789 to 1866, father of Joshua Hewitt of Prescot and Coventry, and grandfather of the James (Morton) Hewitt of Coventry. Probate summary, The Will of John Hewitt, late of Prescot, Watch and Chronometer Pinion Maker who died 16 October 1866...
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    J Hewitt of Coventry

    Marty, I cannot find another James Hewitt in Coventry. John Hewitt and son of 54 Holyhead Road Coventry were the chronometer makers at the Kew Trials. John Hewitt born 1826, died 6 September 1901, watch manufacturer in Coventry from at least 1859. His surviving son Alfred Lloyd Hewitt was still...
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    J Hewitt of Coventry

    No connection found with Thomas Peter Hewitt of the lancashire watch company.

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