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    CHELSEA SHIPS STRIKE Leather Hammer needed.. and advice..

    Hi Sea Antsy welcome to the forum if you look just below where i have replied you will see Similar Threads have a look at them they should give you the information you need
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    Newbie in need of some help

    Hi Snorty that is some clock you have decided to repair i freaked out on my first two train clock last year. Its will have to be stripped down and cleaned of all parts if you go ahead and try and get it running, there is plenty of experience people on the forum who will give you good advice on...
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    Help F W Elliot Fusee Movement

    Hi lost hour, had a look at a book i have and the only one i have found similar to the photo you posted are the one i have attached and the only pendulum they are showing is the one patented by a guy called Johnston but can't see any reference to the weight sorry can't be more helpful someone...
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    Empire Clock Company - Made in England 150

    Also it is made of steel like you said
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    Empire Clock Company - Made in England 150

    Hi Macgyver7 yes that makes sense so you can adjust the timing of the clock good luck making one
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    Empire Clock Company - Made in England 150

    Good information from Mcgyver gave very good details about the pendulum thought i would send this picture from a book good luck
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    Thanks dietofnothing having a look around to see where i can buy them from cousins in the uk where i live have a set of 50 but can't get them until March 3rd
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    Thanks for your feedback will have a look at counsins again waiting on a spring winder from there must have missed them rivets does it matter about the shape of the head shutterbug
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    thanks Glen do you use round or flat rivets or will the round type get in the way also steel or brass? Paul
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    Hi wow I live in the UK don't know if they have shoulder rivets here will have a search thanks
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    Thanks biketclockguy will have a look at that
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    Hi i need to replace this rivet on the click i have never done anything like this before, so can anyone advise me how to go about it what tools what type of rivets steel or brass.Thanks in advance Paul
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    Help German Kieninger Clock With a 130-020 Movement

    Hi James, don't know if this the same document agemo is advising you to read but have at a look and see if it helps
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    One Day HAC Clock

    Thanks Royce yes it was hard to turn before i stripped it, have been looking at that part of the large wheel when shutterbug mentioned about the tension but didn't want to force anything in case i damaged something, will have a closer look and see if i can move it thanks for your advice

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