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    SWCC Self Winding Clock Co. Regulator No.9 Mercury pendulum information needed

    A word of caution Sidmouth, do not fill the tubes to the top with mercury. You must figure to leave room for expansion
  2. paradise

    Mercury Pendulum

    I have a few SWCC mercury pendulums and both are different from the one pictured here. The most obvious difference is the brass base and top. The base is shaped somewhat trapazoid for my lack of a better word, It is widest in the center and tapers down at the ends. That difference alone is...
  3. paradise

    Ask Questions About the 2021 National Meeting in Hampton Roads VA Here

    Will the public be allowed in the mart area any day ??
  4. paradise

    Question on early International master case

    Hi folks. I have an early IBM type master clock. It has an intermediate backboard about 1/2 inch thick, heavy and is black. Many of the components are mounted to it with the exception of the works. I have been told that it is made of asbestos. Can anyone confirm that? I hope I gave a good...
  5. paradise

    Noisy cable wheel?

    Wait a minute: ein minuten bitte, momentito It seems to me that ANY unusual sounds should be looked into. I dont think that Mr Hermle wanted to have any warning alarms. I make clocks sometimes and if there is an unusual noise it means I probably did something wrong and if this were your prized...
  6. paradise

    Walter Durfee Tubes

    Something to try perhaps, and I have done it before, and Im guessing several others have: a radiator hose clamp. Put a hose clamp over the crack, make sure the screw faces away from anything it can vibrate on and see if your dead tube comes back to life acoustically. put it a little below the...
  7. paradise

    Walter Durfee Tubes

    A year or so past I had a cracked tube on a Waltham. It was a large diameter tube but the shortest tube of 9. It was a fine, hairline crack about inch and a half long. I remembered seeing a jeweler guy in one of the kiosks in the center of the mall who advertised laser welding so I gave it a...
  8. paradise

    Help Newbie Question about Replacing Pendulum

    To quote Zorba," a wise old Turk told me", Those numbers on the back plate are in FRENCH inches and must be converted to American inches. The conversion chart should be available on a google somewhere.
  9. paradise

    herschede tube sizes

    Anybody have the lengths of the set of Herschede 9 tube for the 1 3/8 diameter tubes? Randy used to sell these tubes and had them listed in his catalog but since he stopped dealing I have misplaced my copy. I am sure there are more than one set of measurements, if you have a reference to a set...
  10. paradise

    American question about Waltham tube clock dials

    I have four Waltham tube clocks and I notice the fretwork and center of those fancy dials are different. Two if them are hand cut similar to Herschede or Elliot but two of them are cast or poured soft metal with a brass or gold plating. From a few feet distance they all appear to be made the...
  11. paradise

    IBM ITR/IBM master clocks

    one of the major things accomplished by winding the clock once a minute, and its intentional and important, is that the spring remains in basically the same position therefor exerting the same torque on the system increasing the accuracy over a simple periodic winding. Thanks to the generosity...
  12. paradise

    Gledhill Brooke time recorder

    I have a few of these. it is a high quality fusee time clock with a large strong fusee because it runs the clock and stamp mechanism. Clean it up properly, check it over and lube it and it will run forever, great clock. There is a website with some info .You say youre new don't mess with the...
  13. paradise

    Repurposing IBM/Simplex Slave Clocks - Time setting???

    Check out " KCC SCIENTIFIC " Model 1900 W. Solved the problem for me.
  14. paradise

    New Addition - ITR Weight Driven Motor Wound Master Clock

    I have the same case on a motor wind IBM and for all my looking it seems to me to be a Stromberg case with beveled glass all around and a 14 inch dial. I also have a few motor wound glass jar pendulum clocks. I rigged a setup somewhat similar to a Seth Thomas tower clock whereby if the...

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