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    Antique Barometer repair/service

    Even the vapour from mercury can affect you - take it to a specialist.
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    Westclox (Babyben) Alarm clock

    Westclox History at You should find that link to the westclox history interesting. I have repaired many of these and the reason they need to be stripped is due to the cleaning fluid remaining inside the mainspring coils after cleaning. the mainspring needs to be cleaned and...
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    Kieninger MSU02

    Thanks for the input Mark however mine doesn't seem to have the holes as mentioned, see pics.
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    Cuckoo Ways to Silence

    Most rack and tail cuckoos are designed to run even if the weight is removed. This is because it has a rounded or angled tail piece designed to go under or over the snail on the hour wheel to keep the clock running. However the tail is made from strong steel and so often stops the clock instead.
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    Kieninger MSU02

    I'm having a similar problem with a Kieninger J0212 movement. From my online research i can only find people saying it should be between 10 pm and 7:15 am. What is NOT clear is should it chime the 10 pm and then do the quarter past to start again? I assumed so , I've set mine up to do this but...
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    Smiths Enfield mantel clock strikes hours pseudo-randomly?

    You have a lot of dirt in the pivot holes on your clock. This acts like grinding paste after a while and so should be cleaned and oiled before running it really if you have the time :-)
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    Smiths Enfield mantel clock strikes hours pseudo-randomly?

    This video explains how wear can affect a movement. As a beginner you will want to learn as much as possible before attempting a strip down.
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    FW Elliot Lever escapement clock

    F W Elliott company ceased trading many years ago. Parts like platforms can be obtained second hand on ebay. They are not cheap even for a used one in good nick. Nice old clock and well worth doing. Good quality movement and probably a nice engraved dial. If you stuck for a replacement...
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    How would you correct this?

    You are quite right - this is an antique NOT modern clock and slightly bending the crutch was and is how it is still done. Originally the crutch would have been tightly fitted differently as you noticed - just soft solder it neatly.
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    Fusee Minute Cannon loose

    It's quite possible (and it DOES happen) that the end of the center shaft has broken and been redrilled which would make the shaft shorter, or, the tension washer is not putting enough tension on the cannon pinion as it looks likw it's sitting too low when pinned up. The hand collet looks quite...
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    Fusee Winder Bearing

    The egg shape of the hole must be centered again before proceeding. Work out which direction the wear has taken and file the hole in the opposite direction to centralise the position of the hole. Otherwise the hole will be off center and not engaging properly with the centre wheel. Larger...
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    Countwheel mystery

    Unless you monitor it for a while I don't think you will pick up the problem, sounds intermitent.
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    Empire 151 movment .Mainspring help.

    Most lijely a Smiths clock and as already stated - measure the height, thickness and diameter of the empty barrel. These relate to the sizes in mm on suppliers websites in the UK only and inch for the USA. If the mainspring has only broken on the end where it hooks on the barrel then you...
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    Anyone know the maker of this platform escapement please? Modern, Swiss

    It may be a Gorge - but not guaranteed. Look at these... Best of luck .
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    Hermle 130-070 driving me nuts

    Yes the time side is stronger than the strike side. I've come across a bent pivot on some balances. If the swing doesn't last long then this could another problem. There could also be something sticky in the pivot holes restricting the swing . Extra degreasing and cleaning is requiring before...

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