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    Horse Shoe Plug Tobacco Clock 1900's

    Here's my Larkin Soap premium clock Bill
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    Quenching oil?

    Glen, What type of torch do you use for heat treating and tempering? Bill
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    Parting tools.

    For small work you might consider this kit: Kit #25 1/4 inch Cutoff groover Right Hand ( I use mine frequently for small work, it is flawless. Warner makes top shelf products. Bill
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    Parting tools.

    You might want to check out this video: Machines are a little larger than yours but the principles still apply. Joe Pieczynski is an extraordinarily talented machinist. I always learn something whenever I watch his presentations. Bill
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    gustav becker p64

    You might want to consider this: Suspension Spring 12-Piece Assortment ( I bought this assortment a while ago and have used several of the suspension springs to repair various German clocks. The replacement spring assembly doesn't have to be an exact match to the original as...
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    broken hammer arbor spring on quarter hour repeater carriage clock

    Alan, The original spring may be pressed in. If you have a lathe, you could try drilling a small diameter hole in the center bottom of the screw slot. Then a suitable diameter steel pin could be used as a drift to push out the remains of the original spring. Bill
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    Bouncing/Clacking Sound in Gong Sequence.

    This might sound obvious, but I had an issue identical to yours on a T & S Gustav Becker with a rod gong. Turns out the brass rod which connects the strike hammer to its pivot was barely contacting one of the movement holder posts, making a clacking sound as it struck. Re-contouring the rod...
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    Puller to remove central stem from front plate.

    Thanks David! Bill
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    Puller to remove central stem from front plate.

    David, Very cool, nice job! What's the thread size? Looks like you used aluminum flat bar, what dimensions? Is that steel square tubing? If you wouldn't mind posting a photo of your assembly next to a ruler it would be appreciated! Bill
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    Chime and strike synchronization

    Mark, Please provide a link for this info. Thanks, Bill
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    Let down keys

    0.432" across the hex flats. Bill
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    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Isaac, In your earlier post you state, " The chime barrel for the HH is hollow, while the H 1/2 movement's chime barrel is solid. " FYI my H 1/2 chime barrel is hollow... also your chime hammer springs and suspension spring arrangement are significantly different from mine... Thanks again, Bill
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    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Isaac, Thanks for the info, it is appreciated! Sorry I missed your previous post, thanks for the link. Agree with you about the coiled gongs. I especially like the strike gong, it is surprisingly deep and sonorous. One annoyance, there seems to be no chime correction feature on this movement...
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    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Hi, I did remove the small plate held on by two screws. Underneath there are no markings - just blank plate. Bill
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    German beehive clock - looking for info.

    Recently finished overhauling this German Westminster chime clock. The movement has no manufacturer's markings I am aware of. I would appreciate any comments re. who manufactured this clock, and when. Thanks! Bill

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