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    Staking Properly

    While we are talking punches What are these for? There is a heavy duty center punch and the other two have spring loaded centres
  2. Nicko

    Staking Properly

    Are these the punches that you use to stake the collar (collet) to the arbour? Does the rounded end spread out brass of the collar?
  3. Nicko

    Japy Freres suspension spring

    Thanks Mike
  4. Nicko

    Japy Freres suspension spring

    Mike, Can you point to an explanation of this method of cleaning? Brasso + IPA + chalk
  5. Nicko

    Are these movement devices easy to find and replace? Accidentally used lithium battery

    There are 1.5v AA Lithium cells There are 1.5v AA Rechargeable Lithium cells There are 3.7v AA Lithium cells and There are 3.7v AA Rechargeable Lithium cells AA doesn't always mean 1.5v and Lithium doesn't always mean 3.7V
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    Power pegging credit?

    I'll raid the scullery for skewers before the next job. I'm amazed at the amount of extra crud that can be removed.
  7. Nicko

    Power pegging credit?

    Dremel and toothpicks. Great idea.
  8. Nicko

    Seth Thomas Medbury 4W Chime Out of Sequence

    Hi Willie, where is this article 'checking for wear' Cheers
  9. Nicko

    Urgos 32/1a

    I think you are right, Dick. I did get a quote for a new movement, but that was a bit too expensive, once the US$ was converted to AU$. I'll fix it by replacing bushings as required.
  10. Nicko

    Urgos 32/1a

    The anchor looks like a slip fit auto adjusting type. Pulling the pendulum high and letting it go should result in an even beat. The friction clutch attached to the pendulum hanger and anchor arbour has very little friction at the range of auto beat. It's fine the rest of the way around. I...
  11. Nicko

    Urgos 32/1a

    Thanks for the replies. I am not familiar with "manually ajustable clutch" ,"slip fit", or "auto beat mechanism". I'll take it apart over the weekend and post findings back here.
  12. Nicko

    Urgos 32/1a

    How does one tighten the friction coupling from the pendulum to the anchor arbor. This one is a bit loose, keeps going out of beat.
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    Broach handles

    You can buy these dowels in packs from the hardware store. Measure the square end of the broach and drill a hole in the end of the dowel one number size less than the square size. Grip the broach with some pliers up by the square end and push home. The dowels are slightly fluted and grip well.
  14. Nicko

    Huber Uhren - Captive Center Arbor

    Going back to the centre arbour, I have in the past, tightened a small say MT1 drill chuck onto it, supported the other side and tap on the end of the chuck. It should separate very easily.
  15. Nicko

    Horolovar Pallet Setting Tool?

    I used 1mm Aluminium sheet. I sketched up the handle using these dimensions. They seemed to work ok. When you used the tool did you slide it between the escape wheel and the plate or on the inside and view through peep holes?

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