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    ATMOS swing changes with regulator adjustment. Reasons? Normal?

    Moving the regulator moves the regulator clamp up and down on the suspension wire, changing the effective length of the wire. With that in mind, some ideas. Did you poise the balance? Is the flat edge of the regulator clamp parallel to the front of the clock? Did you tighten the set screw on...
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    Picked up an's now my favorite clock

    I did this a few years ago with an Atmos China Marina that has been on my dresser since 2013. Turns out it was awarded in 1975 to an oil executive who was the father of Scott Walker (birth name Noel Scott Engel). Born in Ohio, Walker became a big name in the British music industry as a...
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    Picked up an's now my favorite clock

    Nice, later model 528-8. Kudos.
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    Adjustment of the Atmos 2

    Generally, 2. But unless you know how many times it has already been turned, you have to check the clearance. UPDATE: I just noticed you said Atmos 2. So, are you talking about how many times you can turn the knob? That one, I'm not sure. But the same notion of checking the clearance still...
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    Atmos 540 - runs for about an hour then stops

    I'm with Jeff on this (hey Jeff). After servicing, I intentionally start the balance with less rotation than expected, about 180* (full rotation=360*). If everything is working correctly, the balance will increase rotation all on its own. You can see the rotation start to increase within...
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    My clocks slowed down

    The same thing happens with Atmos clocks, too, especially if an after-market suspension wire has been installed.
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    First Atmos

    Congrats! Looks to be a 528-8. Removable front glass with tab? Check auction sites for Atmos Repair Notes. Don't spend a lot of money, they are easily copied.
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    Refilling of the Atmos soldered bellow

    You can get a permit to use Ethyl Chloride commercially. You just can't go buy it OTC. It has regulated 'recreational' use issues.
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    Refilling of the Atmos soldered bellow

    Most soldered bellows were replaced a long time ago by JLC as part of a 'recall' of sorts. Replacement involved replacing the entire canister and bellows as separate pieces, as seen on later Atmos. The soldered bellows cannot be 'removed' in one piece from its canister. Look at the date in...
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    Odd problem with Atmos 2 bellows

    Just put it in the freezer for about 5 minutes. Take it out and press down on the plate while trying to turn it. The bellows canister may be signed on the back, so when reassembling you want to ensure that the signature is oriented properly. To align the hands, set the minute hand to 12, then...
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    Additional Atmos Neuchateloise Photos.

    For many of these stylized clocks where it is difficult to see the serial number. it was hand written on a label on the bottom.
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    atmos 528-8 runs really fast after eplaced the suspension spring with one purchased from Timesavers. throughly cleaned all parts.

    I've had to adjust the weights with the last few springs I got from TS, but nothing major. There is the possibility that TS sent you a Reutter spring, and I think that would make it run faster than can be regulated. Otherwise, you may find a different supplier, but I don't think you'll find a...
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    Difference Between Atmos 528-6 and 528-8? With Other Atmos Clocks?

    Removing those nuts will free the entire bellows assembly. There is a spring in there, so be prepared for some pressure during the process. Not particularly bad, but can be a surprise if not ready for it. I have 2 of these in chrome, 8042 and 8044, and yes, be mindful of the chrome...
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    Difference Between Atmos 528-6 and 528-8? With Other Atmos Clocks?

    Definitely an Atmos-II, probably from the early 1940s. The last digit of the movement number does not look like a 6, can you double check? As Ed noted, the bellows may be bad. The housing can be removed by taking off the 4 cap nuts on the rear frame. There will be a date scratched into the...
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    Difference Between Atmos 528-6 and 528-8? With Other Atmos Clocks?

    If you have 2 serial numbers, it is probably an Atmos-II. Photos would be helpful.

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