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    The Fibonacci Spiral Clock

    The spiral "hand" is the hours, and the regular straight hand is the minutes. There are no "numbers" for the minute hand, so you estimate based upon position. The spiral hour "hand" rotates once every 12 hours. Although, at least for me, it's unintuitive to visualize it, the inner coil of the...
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    No Electricity and 1 Clock

    Humor is always funnier once it's explained, I guess. Usually, being too subtle isn't one of my shortcomings. I regert not being more oblivious.
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    No Electricity and 1 Clock

    I was going to choose the "cheap watch" option, too, if batteries were allowed. My wife and I would be just fine and wouldn't starve to death...PLENTY of "food" and "fuel" in the woods, streams, and fields around our house...and the "food" won't care what time it is... ;)
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    No Electricity and 1 Clock

    I live near Syracuse, NY. A sundial would be worthless about 80% of our days.... If ALL electricity was disrupted, including batteries, and there was no current anywhere, I'd cease to be alive (along with everyone else). Just for clarity, I'm not referring to externally produced energy..our...
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    Pronunciation Question

    At mos', dey maht be tree ways of speakin' da word... We's all ate a bunch, but I ate mos'.... Didn't know who ta trow ta ball to, eider Ma Kettle or Miss Sissy, so I trew it at Miss... Hmmmm.. AT mos ATE mos AT miss I've never heard the word pronounced differently than at'mos, with a long...
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    Eccentric nut position

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    Eccentric nut position

    Lol.. I didn't say it was the best tool..just better than any regular screwdriver I have....;););););)
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    Eccentric nut position

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    Shaping a pendulum hook

    It almost looks as if that bend was made to shorten the length just a bit to bring other rate adjustments within range. Is that possible, Willie?
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    Eccentric nut position

    FWIW, the slot in an eccentric adjuster isn't beveled to fit a regular screwdriver; the sides of the slot are pretty much parallel. If you use a regular screwdriver, it really only contacts the slot at the very outer edge, leading to the deformation you see in your pic, especially when the...
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    Hands self tightening on Hubert herr

    This is a guess, but it looks like the hand should be between the threaded washer and the nut. Those two threaded components would act like jam nuts and keep their positions without loosening or tightening or putting too much pressure on the cannon. Like I said, just a guess.....
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    Eccentric nut position

    To the person inquiring regarding rhe position of the eccentric nut.... .... I'm right here, on my couch. Seriously, though...what everybody else said. Fork height first. If it flutters no matter how high you raise the fork, then of course you need to look elsewhere..pallet length and...
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    entry hall looking better than it have has....

    Here... just to make you all feel even BETTER about your beautiful collections and displays... ;) ... Those are all in my basement shop. The bottom pic has two Seikoshas ("Seikoshi?") on top, two Hibinos ("Hibini?") on the bottom, and the faceless New Haven from another thread in the center...
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    English or Metric threads old American clock movements

    Most of them are made in Wisconsin... <ducking>...

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