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    New Haven "Harmonious" movement Questions

    Well, I've been working on this movement all day, and even with Conover's books and the article about rack and snail movements on this site, I can't get the bim-bam strike to work correctly. Conover's strike book doesn't show this movement. To those of you fairly familiar with these types of...
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    I Think I May Have A Problem

    "Hi.. My name is Bill and I am a clock collector"... "HI, BILL!!!" Glad to know I'm not the only one.
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    New Haven "Harmonious" movement Questions

    Thanks for the input and advice as always, everyone! The center arbor hole seems to be fine, so I've left that pinion untouched, but did remove the gathering pallet without any trouble. I've cleaned everything with mineral spirits and done a "test" partial re-assembly; the first time I put the...
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    Putting back together

    Another small tip, continuing along the lines of Willie's suggestion. As he said, once you have the front plate populated, place the backplate in position, start at the bottom and get those two nuts threaded on. The first couple of arbors near the bottom should be easy to get in place; once you...
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    Cleaning brass advice

    Another way to remove lacquer that works well is to soak the parts in hot water.... about 180F degrees, not boiling. It'll soften the lacquer to the point where it'll peel/rub off, almost like little pieces of plastic sheets. I've found that it's faster, easier, and less messy than using acetone...
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    New Haven "Harmonious" movement Questions

    OK..I gotta ask.... are you talking to me about my clock, or to wow about me?!?!?? ;)
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    New Haven "Harmonious" movement Questions

    I had added a post to this thread earlier today... Not realizing it was in the general forum and not the clock repair forum. My apologies; that post probably didn't belong there. If the moderators feel it would...
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    New haven Harmonious model

    I know this is an old thread, but figured it'd be better to keep info re/ this model in one spot. I found this and a few other threads looking for more detail about the workings of this particular movement. I've got three of Conover's great books, "Basics," "Strike," and "Chime" volumes. This...
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    The auction has ended...

    I heard back, and have received permission, so no worries.
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    Joe Collins Spring Winder Plans

    Quick update.. The retaining sleeves I ordered came in yesterday and I was able to use the winder to remove, service, and reinstall a barrel mainspring on a JUF 49. Worked GREAT... absolutely no issues at all. I even managed to cut the two teeth in one aluminum arm shown in Joe's plans using a...
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    The auction has ended...

    I've written a note of apology to the lister, and have asked for permission. Will advise as to the response. Apologies for the hassle.
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    Suspension spring specs?

    I snapped a pic of three pieces under magnification. Left to right ... Horolovar .0023", Horolovar .004", non-Horolovar .004" (Nylor? Bronze? Don't know). Looks like you all were correct and my mind was playing tricks on me..the width looks pretty constant between the two Horolovars.
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    Kern Midget Pendulum Adjustment?

    Thanks, all. I understood the physics... it was my lack of trust in the manufacturer's semantics that tripped me up.
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    Kern Midget Pendulum Adjustment?

    Thanks, Wayne. Not to be thick, but the semantics of this dilemma are killing me. Since you can't turn the wheel without twisting the spring,the allegory would be to hold the wheel stationary and turn the pendulum arms OPPOSITE the engraved arrows to achieve the expected result, yes?
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    Kern Midget Pendulum Adjustment?

    Thanks, Jack. So, to clarify, the engraving suggesting that you turn clockwise to retard.... do you turn the ARMS clockwise while holding the wheel stationary, as viewed from above?

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