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    Help understanding a depthing tool

    Here is a tool designed for making such "V" shaped pivot holes...I need to resharpen it...
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    Double Roller File Rest

    And here is one that I made utilizing readily replaceable oilite bearings...
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    Adding a Scope to a Levin WW Lathe

    Dewey; Agreed. I have a nice B&L zoom boom mounted scope on another machine. Its base is large and heavy. I wanted a portable setup for several specific jobs that I do. The light weight scope fits the bill and everything hooked to the Borel base makes it a breeze to move around. I could...
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    Adding a Scope to a Levin WW Lathe

    For those who might be interested...
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    unknown tools

    Riveting tooling.
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    Screw plate use...

    It has been well documented that thread forming (displacement) tooling lasts 20 times longer than thread cutting tooling. Screw plates 100 years old are still forming good threads. To single point the assortment of threads on my screw plates would take a mountain of change gears for a lathe...
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    Screw plate use...

    Since the threads in the example above were made by forming (displacing metal), there were no chips involved - hence no cutting. If you had ever used thread forming taps or threads rolls, you would understand what was happening. Lubrication is essential. A drop of oil in the clearance holes...
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    Screw plate use...

    Why so many screw plates? An example...
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    Found another lathe today!

    Nope - not a shop made item. It was a commercially made and sold device and is stamped on the bottom with a "W" and the patent date.
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    Found another lathe today!

    I picked up this Peerless/Marshall 8mm WW lathe, motor, control, and base today. In addition to a nice collet assortment, it came with an attachment that I had never seen before. See pics.
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    Pantographs in watchmaking

    I have and regularly use a Gorton 3U pantograph. If I was making a "run" of the same design, I might consider using it for making parts. Each part requires a good template. For one off items, it would be a very inefficient method of working. To easily make the custom templates, I would cut them...
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    Making a new WW bearing dust cap

    I needed a dust cap for an old WW lathe that I am setting up for snailing - so here is how I made it...
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    Fitting a chuck to the tailstock, how?

    Make your own using a size 0 jacobs chuck...see: Riser's making tailstock runners for WW lathe
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    Mystery resin or nylon 3 jaw chuck on 8mm collet??

    I have a 4th axis for a Roland CNC machine that has a black plastic 4 jaw chuck. These were designed for holding machinable wax while it was being cut. The wax was used for lost wax type of jewelry castings. Detail can be very good. There is very little strain on these chucks. 3 jaw chucks...
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    For the use of.....

    See pics of a spring I was installing in a project. The center hooks are interchangable. The other end of the spring hooks as shown.

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