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    Aligning drill press with original pivot hole

    I made my own too. Basically a 60 degree dead center..
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    Aligning drill press with original pivot hole

    I have a Bergeon..IMHO it is a must have tool for the serious clock-maker...
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    Adjusting a minute hand without a bushing

    I vote J hook..Do a search on this site. Should bring up a schematic...Better than trying to explain where to look. A's wire and shaped like a J....
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    Finding the center for bushing

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    query on smoothing broaches...

    Lube prevents any damage. I wind movement and remove verge when cleaning in US cleaner. Cleaner provides resistance so that it winds down slowly.. I might add that CRL is not my final lube.
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    query on smoothing broaches...

    After repair and cleaning I assemble the trains minus the springs. Oil all pivots with a dab of crl and using compressed air run the trains at high speed. This takes care of any burnishing that's needed..Pivots aren't scored by the bushing rather the grit that accumulates between bushing and...
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    query on smoothing broaches...

    Pivots are steel, bushings are brass/bronze. Put a scored pivot in a new bushing and it will act like a drill and ruin a bushing. The little bit of burnishing needed by a new bushing is negligible and will be done by a well finished pivot.Use smoothing broaches on pivots.
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    Finding the center for bushing

    I see we are flogging this dead horse with the same results...I hope everyone is well...
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    More Thoughts on Rathbun

    Use a heat sink...
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    More Thoughts on Rathbun

    What have you done Bangster.....
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    What type of oil to use on deadbeat pallets/

    A thin layer of moly..90 % or more is best.
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    Clock cleaning fluid - questions

    I have read that it depends on the bronze content..All brass is not created equal...The comments on time in the soup is sound...
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    Traditional rebushing by hand

    Bushing by hand should be avoided if possible..Two tools that I think indispensible for that work are a bushing machine and depthing tool. If unafordable they can be made. There are plans on the net and probably on this site showing how to......This is my opinion and I don't see the need to...
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    My first bend pivot

    A bench block with the graduated holes works good and easy to check when pivot is straightened...
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    "stays in place" that's the secret..

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