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    sorry, wrong photo
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    "Suspension" spring with a difference. I shall fix it properly, it's a Perivale!

    well ,At least you know how long it should be!! Mike
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    Jerome / New Haven Clock wheels.

    I have a Waterbury movement with ribbed wheels. Also If memory still serves , I have a Seth with a couple of wheels ribbed. I was told that it was a date thing more than a brand thing. A clockmaker told me that he had never seen these ribs before 1857 nor after 1875 or such. I don't remember the...
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    reproduction Seth Thomas #2 movement

    Well Thanks Baja, At least he's not notorious. Mike
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    reproduction Seth Thomas #2 movement

    I have a friend that is determined to build a No.2 replica. He is a superb woodworker but knows little about clocks. I know (and have told him) that most of the replica movements aren't much good. Although one that I used has performed flawlessly for 3 1/2 years. Anyway I'm looking for a...
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    Houtman 6 gear wood peg clock

    We spoke about this clock some months ago. Did you ever get it finished and keeping time?? Mike
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    ST 41M movement and pendulum

    Jim, I have a Chatham with what I always thought to be the original bob. Perhaps it is not! It is 2 1/4 inches in diameter. Brass cover on the front, cast iron back that is rounded out about 12 1/2 mm and weighs just a little under 4 oz. Mike
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    A Most Unusual Clock

    The threaded holes in the bottom pillars would seem to indicate that the movement was mounted in another case previous to this one. Que no ? Mike
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    Fusee clock

    Find a copy of English Dial Clocks by Ronald Rose. I have several of these type clocks and that book is full of information about them. Mike
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    Anno 1750

    I've had one of these for years. Hangs right by my desk. The only trouble I've ever had with it (besides remembering to wind it) is that the ratchet that catches when you raise the body up the rack is pretty flimsy and easy to damage. Mine is remarkably accurate if you fiddle with it some. Mike
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    14 or 8 day movement ?

    This also rather makes a person wonder what others do about winding clocks. I can't imagine that this hasn't already been discussed on this forum, but do you wind All of your clocks on a regular basis?? Mike
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    Identifying Denver dashboard clock. Auto? Public transport or utilities?

    I hadn't noticed the case in the background of your photo, but it looks just like mine with the exception of the finish. Mine is either chrome or nickle plated. The bezel is just like yours and yes the dial says "Denver" just as yours does. I'm sure it is the same clock. Might have been an...
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    Identifying Denver dashboard clock. Auto? Public transport or utilities?

    Thank You all. I've had one of these kicking around for years, not knowing exactly what it was. Doesn't look as good as Shineytickythings' . Does yours still have the nifty little chrome case? Mike
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    Schatz 400 Day

    I have one like yours except that the hands on mine are straight and plain. Your hands are far prettier. NIce clock. Mike

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