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    Boston Clock Tandem Wind - Tripping Pawl

    I'm restoring this clock from bits and pieces from two different ones. The parts I have include a long lever with a widened end, which rides on the pins of the (normal looking, as in Chelsea clocks) pawl, but the pawl does not lift the lever far enough to trip the chime mechanism. Unlike most...
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    French clock? Help, please

    Well, that was both quick and accurate, thank you so much! /mark
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    French clock? Help, please

    THis is a very poor pic of a family heirloom that went "missing" during a flood insurance claim. To me, it looks to be French, gilt, and probably of non-trivial value. Any help in id-ing the period, national origin or any other relevant ideas would be greatly appreciated! /mark fraser
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    Boston Clock Co. Tandem Wind

    I may have a spare pallet for you. Not sure about balance, the staff will be broken if I have one. I have a complete movement of that type, and a cannibalized one of the other type, most of the train is there, but no winding arbor or spring barrels.
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    Help with Bergeon 4608 Clock Mainspring Winder

    It arrived today, and I'm thinkin' that I'll just machine a few collet shells and secure clock key barrels into same. Dead simple shape, my request still stands but the urgency just went away / thanks! /mark
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    Help with Bergeon 4608 Clock Mainspring Winder

    Um, the model I bought is NOT the one that is universally shunned. It looks a lot like the Ollie Baker, etc. Functionally, a step up from the French time-bomb I've been using, as it uses collets to hold the existing arbor. THanks for the reply /mark
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    Help with Bergeon 4608 Clock Mainspring Winder

    I couldn't pass it up at auction - unfortunately, no collets or other accessories. I'd appreciate help with: a) anyone who just happens to have any of same lying unused in a drawer somewhere - I'll probably buy b) anyone who is willing to share measurements or other data on collets - I'd be...
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    mainspring winders

    and he's still there today!
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    Need Russian ship's clock platform escapement
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    Jauch 77 Weights

    Watch out, some Jauch 77s had 5.4 lb weights on one or more chains. As the clock gradually wears, this may not be enough. Especially if a butcher(ess) did some novice bushing work.
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    $ French (?) Pinwheel Esc. heavy brass skeletonized clock

    thank you, Tom. Yeah, the Breguet / Daniels clocks are works of art to be sure! Question: Should this one be, um, cleaned and lacquered, dial resilvered etc., or left as is for sale purposes? Thanks/mark
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    $ French (?) Pinwheel Esc. heavy brass skeletonized clock

    I'm guessing mid-1800s, silvered dial, counterbalancing weights, time only. Unsigned. Approx value and dating (maker?) requested for estate valuation. May be brought to San Diego Regional in November. There are Asian-made replicas very similar to this clock, suggesting that it was worth...
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    $ Schmutzler, Anton Vienna Regulator, ca. 1830s

    Re: Photo of Schmutzler VR Thank you. I'll try to convince them that a pic of the movement is needed. Skittish. Dial definitely has many hairlines, and the name Anton Schmutzler is quite clear. Note stated that the dial had been "restored" or "repaired". Must have been really bad before...
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    $ Schmutzler, Anton Vienna Regulator, ca. 1830s

    see photo in my next post / thanks

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