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    Help to ID and date the Clock movement, please.

    Great! Thank you again. Ming
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    Help to ID and date the Clock movement, please.

    Thank you New2clocks for your help. Do you know the meaning of the bottom set of number? Ming
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    Help to ID and date the Clock movement, please.

    Hello, I acquired this HAC clock movement a few years ago. There are a few sets of numbers on the back plate. Please help me to ID and date it. if you know the pendulum length, the meaning of each set of number, and the possible case looks like, please let me know.. Thank you very much in...
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    Problems with my Schatz Jum/7 Midget 57 10C

    Bazas, Did you check the beat? Ming
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    horolovar 400 day anniversary clock repair

    I did the thinning as even as I could. But, it is almost impossible to be absolutely even. As long as the spring is relatively even, the clock will run fine. Since the spring is longer than what you need, you can measure the thinned down spring and select the portion you like. Most likely, the...
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    horolovar 400 day anniversary clock repair

    Hi Schaferhunde, You can run the clock using shorter 0.004” spring, but the pendulum will be too high. You have such a beautiful clock, you want to make a custom spring for it, so the pendulum will be at the ideal position. Enjoy the experiments. Ming
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    horolovar 400 day anniversary clock repair

    Schaferhunde, Yes, my clock keeps very good time with that suspension spring. I thinned down a 0.0045” standard spring, which you can order on line. You need to take time to thin the spring. All my GP clocks require thinned down springs. Hope your beautiful clock will running before long. Ming
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    Electric Screwdriver to wind clocks?

    Yes, I agree with Zedric that the screw driver may slip as the leverage of the drive is too small. I would suggest that she wind the clock 2-3 times a week (only winding a few turns at a time) to reduce the winding time. In this case, she can start winding from the middle of the mainspring to...
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    horolovar 400 day anniversary clock repair

    Schaferhunde, The photos below show my 1903 GB clock info. You can follow. if your pendulum has a different weight, the suspension spring thickness need to change a little bit. Ming
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    Suspension guard question

    Panydp, From the back plate, you can see no hole for suspension spring guard. I have a 1903 clock which does not have guard. Ming
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    Clock with sunburst headpiece

    Mun, Thank you for sharing this rare and beautiful clock. Ming
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    Latest Kern - A tale of frustration

    Kurt, ok. since you have done every thing correctly, it might be the power issue. You can simulate the power condition to see if the pendulum turn less degree than when it does at the full wound condition. Rotation will be less when power is down. If it is power issue, you either have to get a...
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    Latest Kern - A tale of frustration

    Kurt, the photo below shows the bulge of the barrow. if the thumb screw stick out too much can touch the point to stop the clock. Ming
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    Latest Kern - A tale of frustration

    Kurt, please check to see if the thumb nut screw from the bottom side of mainspring barrow is too long which touch the barrow mainspring hookup pin bulge. Some of mainspring hookup pin bulge out. That high point can touch the long thumb screw to cause the barrow from turning. I have a Koma...
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    Horolovar temperature compensation

    The clock running accuracy changed with the changing room temperature can be associated with mainspring and movement pivots/pivot holes not being real clean. Some degrees of old oil varnish still exist. When temperature changed, the varnish changes its behavior. Hope this make sense. Ming

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