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    Goddard pocket watch???

    Has anyone tracked known serial numbers of these watches? Would be interesting to know how many have survived and which ones...From the earliest L. Goddard signature all the way up.
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    $ Stone Crystal Movements by American Watch Co.

    The large size you wrote are 100,000 and up. How about the undamaged small size values? How many survived small / large undamaged. Conceivably, 10 of each?
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    $ Stone Crystal Movements by American Watch Co.

    What is the consensus on values for these watches in original cases? 4 size: -used -mint 16 size model 72: -used -mint Regards, Mary Rohs
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    Thank you. I only ask because I saw pictures (which are no longer to be found anywhere) a while ago of a Chas. T. Parker movement with Appleton Tracy dial and the case was E.T.& Co. with matching low serial number to the movement. 18k yellow gold and very striking but I have not seen it...
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    Can anyone tell me who the maker is of the cases marked E.T.&Co. on the case of an early Appleton, Tracy Co. Waltham? Thanks
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    Van Woerd's Sawtooth Balance by American Waltham

    Was the sawtooth balance incapable of adjusting to accuracy (design failure) or was there simply a cumbersome issue with ongoing adjustments of the balance itself? I've read both hypotheses. I can't imagine how the watch would be produced (whatever the small number was made with the sawtooth)...
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    Understanding Swiss Hallmarks on Abraham Colomby Fusee

    I will see if I can get someone to help me. Thank you.
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    Understanding Swiss Hallmarks on Abraham Colomby Fusee

    Hello everyone, I have in my collection a beautiful verge fusee pocket watch. Name is Abraham Colomby. I have turned up several different examples on the internet, but what I am trying to determine without testing the watch is if the watch would be considered gold or gilt. The case is a...

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