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    Staking Tool numbering system on the punches?

    Mine's coming out in September. I decided to do a clinical trial because I shattered some foot bones and didn't want to be recovering from prostate surgery while on crutches and having to navigate stairs. My first colonoscopy was done under twilight sedation. I got to watch the whole thing...
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    New member, first post. Seth Thomas Regulator No. 2 comes to a new home.

    My current #2 will 100% stop if I let the weight contact the stop. I usually just have to restart it once or twice to get it going again. For me it's easiest to just wind till the weight disappears.
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    Something else about crazy (cyanoacrylate) glue.

    Crosslinked polymers are really odd things. I recently learned that the rubber component, as vulcanized in a tire, is essentially a single molecule.
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    Schatz noise maker

    The W3 does have a nice sound.
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    I think it's a Kundo because of the pendulum

    Depends on the amount of overswing.
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    Stumped by a Schatz 49

    I'd definitely try lowering the fork on the spring, a bit. I always use the later (6789) placement from the guide for 49s as my starting point.
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    German Time Bomb Defused!

    My only firsthand knowledge of any "explosions" was due to someone removing the screws on the backplate. Would anyone who has actually had one "go off" spontaneously please tell us of your experience?
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    What can you tell me about my time bomb?

    They were made throughout the '80s. The more caution stickers on the back of the mainspring box and under the base, the later it was made.
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    Please can someone help me identify this clock

    Solid clock. If there's a way for anyone to ask around about a cap (also referred to as a "thimble") for the bottom of the suspension guard (Shaped a bit like the bottom of glass test tube) that's a part that is easily lost and very rare. I get early June, 1914 as a date.
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    Suspension springs these days

    I believe you meant to say 'outside caliper'. Digital calipers don't typically have the resolution needed to accurately measure these springs. There are some that do but, they cost a lot. Digital micrometers typically have the necessary resolution (0.00005"). There are some with one more digit...
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    Restoration of clock face varnish coating

    Nikolas makes gold-tinted lacquer. It's great for making stainless and aluminum look like brass. I've used it on Schatz ship's bell clock bezels to restore the same kind of finish they had on the newer versions of those clocks.
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    Is it clean ?

    Someone used a punch to close up the worn hole near the patent stamp. The current standard is to insert a bushing in worn holes.
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    What are the best 400 day clocks when it comes to quality

    Eric would know for sure. I believe the model 49 went to a fixed pallet sometime in 1954
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    One more "Loss of Power" place to check...

    That is an odd one, for sure.
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    Sus. Spring Material

    Kurt. Thanks for reminding me that Horolovar springs also come in .0050, .0055 and .0060 inch thicknesses. Brain toot on my part.

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