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    Proper weights for a Regula 72

    I think you should change it to 1750g weights or you may have call backs. IMHO the 72 is very finicky on 1500g, just like the 34 on 1260g weights. Back in the 1990's that is the way a lot of the clocks were sold. I like the 72 movement but setting the warning on the music/animation side is a...
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    Proper weights for a Regula 72

    My Hones musical/dancer cuckoo clock with 72 from the mid 1990s runs on 1500g weights. If not kept "cleaned and oiled" the strike and music start to run a little slow. Mark
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    Applying dampers to a music box comb

    What kind of dampers are you using? The modern music boxes use a plastic strip and replacements are available. I believe most people use super glue but I use 5 min epoxy. I clean off the area where the old damper was and put a drop of epoxy with a tooth pick, then using tweezers place new...
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    Spring Barrel Replacement

    Yes, it will fit. According to the Hermle manual the #21 is the replacement for #20 barrels. The manual shows the replacement for movements 150 and 151 time side. Mark
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    Cuckoo movements Regula 34

    One is a probably a musical with dancer table or was. The 34/44 and 34/46 movements are different from regular 34s. The reason is to center the heavy weights under the clock. Mark
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    what do you use

    100% ethanol alcohol is the best shellac thinner you can buy, if you could buy it. Probably good for clock rinse too, with a little left over for the clockmakers orange juice cocktail. :o In the US we buy "denatured" alcohol, which usually means around 10% methanol (methyl, wood) alcohol has...
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    what do you use

    I don't know about superior but I believe IPA is safer. Denatured alcohol contains methanol. Not healthy to get on skin or inhale.
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    Fill weight for empty weight shells for grandfather clock

    Welcome Fiz 7.7lb and 9.9lb are standard Hermle weight sizes available as cast iron inserts for 60mm x 245mm Hermle shells. Mark
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    Hermle 341-020

    The Hermle service manual contains the info you need. Looks like you need to change center wheel (56 to 48), third wheel and fourth wheel. This is a big change from 200bpm to 132bpm. If your rebuilding an old movement you probably also need new 2nd wheels with hard steel pivots. I don't...
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    Erratic chime on hammer #3

    As a test, I would try a newer/stronger hammer spring before trying to adjust the pins. Maybe the double "strike" is not lifting as high. Just a thought, Mark
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    squeaking cuckoo clock

    I've had the same problem with the Regula 34. Neal explains the problem perfectly. IMHO this is just one of the many reasons for not rebuilding the modern Regula movement. Mark
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    Where to start?

    Start with cleaning. Hand cleaning is very effective just takes a little longer than an ultrasonic machine. Just use a pan and some brushes. Solvent cleaners will work well but water based cleaners also work very well and have no fumes or fire hazard. If using water based just final rinse with...
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    dancing platform on cuckoo

    IMHO Black Forest Imports is the best source for this type of part. Generally if they don't have it, you will need a donor movement or make it. How about Adp25/34R from the BFI catalog? Dancer Roller Mark
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    german cuckoo striking twice on half hour

    Are these new pictures of the clock on the wall with weights? If so the clock is not stopping correctly. Either way there probably isn't much you can do through the small opening in the case. In the latest pictures I see a lot of oil on all parts. That's a bad sign. IMHO the movement need to...
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    german cuckoo striking twice on half hour

    I mean the pin on the rack hook lever. Notice it "parks" in the cut out slot on the gathering pallet. The rack hook lever controls the stop. Does the rack hook pin rest in the slot when the clock stops striking? Mark

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