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    Help identify this Swiss pocket watch movement

    Yes I've tried it Graham, it's definitely glued or riveted or something, I'm afraid to break it.
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    Help identify this Swiss pocket watch movement

    This is a Swiss 15 jewel pocket watch movement for a hunter case (winds at 3). There are no makers marks but there are a few numbers engraved. The watch is going fine but the winding gears are grinding - very unpleasant. I need to replace the crown wheel and/or winding pinion and clutch...
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    Mechanical WW looking for a winding crown and bezel for Omega 19 line pocket watch

    Hi I'm looking for help to find a crown for an Omega 19 ligne movement in a gold filled Dennison full hunter case. I recently got a stem for the watch, the thread is 2mm. I believe the movement calibre is 19T1. I also need a bezel for the case. Any help would be great. Thanks Norman
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    Waterbury series E pocket watch

    Thanks Doug, What a strange (non) system for setting!!! CAn you imagine popping the bezel off your watch every time you forget to wind it!
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    Waterbury series E pocket watch

    I have a Waterbury series E pocket watch c.1895 (I think). The watch is going but I can't figure out how to set the time. There doesn't seem to be any facility to set the time. Perhaps part of my watch is missing? ...or more likely I'm missing something! Can someone help?

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