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    Murray Clock Pendulum

    Does any one have a picture of a Murray 3 mercury jar clock pendulum??
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    Pendulum bob repair

    I have a pinwheel regulator with a very dented big pendulum bob can these be restored
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    looks like the label was put over a company name??
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    The Seth thomas ref book I am looking at is the second edition revised 1996. I found the dial for this clock that has been in storage and will post next
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    Ralph.... I looked up the number you quoted and did not see that movement in there (Seth thomas clocks and movements book) so what type of clock may this movement been ibstalled in ? do you have any ideas??
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    Mike This movement came with a meter pendulum and 8 lb bob Can it be an 80 beat with that kind of pendulum with a 30 teeth escape wheel??
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    Sorry but I still learning to post pictures and spell
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    Sorry if I am not getting the job done here very well but I will try again If you cut and past the web site a picture come in view of a Seth Thomas dual wind seconds beat clock movement. It has thrity teeth on the escape wheel. I researched the seth thomas ref book and...
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    Mike ???? The clock movement in question is a seth thomas with 30 teeth on the escape wheel
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    seth thomas dual wing clock

    Does any one know what application this movement that is shown at the web site that Seth thomas would have used this movement. It is a seconds beat, I have looked in the seth thomas identification book and found no clocks shown with a wind and 60 second beat Whats up?? leeclock 006
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    IBM electric motor

    I saw a picture of an IBM master clock that was fitted with a techron electric motor where the coilc would be. Does this motor wind the mainspring and how
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    Seth Thomas NO. 2 Regulator plate numbers

    I am looking at a Seth thomas No. 2 regulator that has the number 77 then under that 4515 It has the typical ST in the diamond my question is is this a reproduction model or an original also the front door panel is just a plain frame with no inside design around the glass is that original

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