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    Starting out...

    I would advise you not to buy anything but eight clocks, unless it's something that appeals to you. Seth Thomas clocks carry a premium and are especially desired in an Adamantine case.
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    Removing water stains from adamantine finish

    I have good luck polishing the whole case using automobile rubbing compound.
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    Circling pendulum

    Sounds like a bad suspension spring.
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    Cheap springs.

    I used a couple of these when they first came out, had failures and come backs, I will never buy made in India springs or anything else.
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    Regulator test running

    I use a test stand made for floor clocks, improvise set up.
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    Help with identifying this Seth Thomas white adamantine clock please

    I think this is an original Adamantine the clock shows quality, not one that someone would paint white, the feet are top of the line.
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    Help identify a trademark

    I have seen several of these that were Japanese, and own a couple, a picture of the movement would clarify.
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    Waterbury Mantle Clock Question

    OG clocks as this came with pictures, mirrors, transfers, etc..
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    Need Help Identifying Regulator Clock

    Some of the supply houses used to carry this movement, it is Chinese.
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    Help Identify this Clock

    Looks like a nice early eight day striking English Longcase.
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    Vote on next clock

    If it's actually a hollow column, that one, if not the triple decker.
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    Ogee Clocks

    Jim like you I have also collected OGs of different types, you fail to mention eight day, some with single door or double. There were wooden movements and most common brass, weight driven and some spring, the only exception to your post is calling a bevel case an OG, your terminology, " flat...
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    Seth Thomas Grandfather Clock

    Is the dial wooden?
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    Help with Ingraham movement.

    From the picture it looks like the mainspring is not fully wound, and its being impeded.
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    Useful scribing

    I never permanently mark anything, use metal tags attached with wire or large clips, you can make nice ones out of heavy wire, I use the ends I have cut off of the end of new suspension spring rods.

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