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    Unusual case construction Jas. Boss help...

    I have a couple of them, they are not all that common. I bet someone patented the design, that may be the only source for a name.
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    Waltham Riverside Maximus Dials

    Ethan, I have the identical dial on a 12s RM hunter, serial no 17,125,080, it's in a demi-hunter case made by Roy. It may be that at the time your watch was made the factory was using your dial. I'm not an expert, but the close proximity of the serial numbers suggest its original. Louis
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    Sharing my 16S 21J DUEBER HAMPDEN New Railway MONTGOMERY Dial

    Looking at the picture, it appears that the gold disk is there, although difficult to see, due to the muted colors in that part of the photo. I am pretty sure Hamden made a 23 jewel version that looked a lot like this 21 jewel movement, it was referred to as being a "Special" or "Special...
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    Waltham Watch Co Model 1857 15j open face coin silver (made 1869) Opinions?

    I applause your enthusiasm, and no you didn't say that we misled you, the next collector may feel differently. You did state that you felt that the seller mislead you and stated so publicly, if he had been named, this entire thread most likely would have been taken down. Anyway, it's my belief...
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    Waltham Watch Co Model 1857 15j open face coin silver (made 1869) Opinions?

    Railway Eagle, you should consider buying a book on watch repair, they are dirt cheap, anyone can afford them. It sounds like you like repairing things, to me, which is fine or you just want perfection or close to it out your one very old watch. There are many variables involved with the time...
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    American Pocket Watches for Export

    Old Royal, You are correct, thanks for catching my error, I corrected it on my post. Thank you, Louis
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    American Pocket Watches for Export

    This is a Waltham Model 83, no 8,909,782, it has 7 jewels, unadjusted but does have a Bruegut hairspring, key wind from the back, key set at the center post at the front. We know that the case is Sterling Silver due to the presence of the Lion Passant mark, the anchor tells us that the case was...
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    Waltham 1857 SW/KW/LS - Is this a SW conversion?

    The after market add-on repeating attachment seems to command a substantial premium, same principal, admittedly the repeating attachments are more of a novelty. The aftermarket built-in key winder is also another novelty that usually commands a bit of a premium. I guess if the Abbott's...
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    American Pocket Watches for Export

    I believe I have another Elgin that's a complete watch and more 17s movements that I have collected, I'll add some more pictures soon.
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    American Pocket Watches for Export

    Just wondering, have we had a thread that showcased American made watches / movements for export? Any interest in this topic? I have a modest collection of American made pocket watches and movements for the Export market, thus my interest? I have been surprised that I have been able to find...
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    Adams & Perry serial numbers

    Thank you, George. I can't say that I looked at the click that closely, will do so and post my findings soon.
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    Elgin Video

    Just fantastic! Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
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    Chicago Watch Company pocket watch, year of manufacture?

    Hi Bila, I didn't mean my post to be directed to your comments. I thought that it may benefit readers that are not aware of this Newark made private label. Especially with the engraving placement of the hairspring stud and regulator, actually it looks more like a copy of this watch than a...
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    question about non magnetic Walthams

    Hi Ben, I think you are right, I can't specifically remember any with the ban to the inside, the 72 that is pictured in this thread seems to have on the inside. I enlarged the band to see if I could get a better look and it does look to be a steel inter band.
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    Chicago Watch Company pocket watch, year of manufacture?

    He is an American made Chicago Watch Co. , it's a Newark private label, it looks a lot like the Swiss made watch pictured above, even has the regulator in the same position. The point being that not all Chicago Watch Co. movements are Swiss made.

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