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    vertical mill spindle square

    Dushan, Your tool looks great, must be nice to have some extra nice German indicators laying around. Please let us know how your tool works out for you. What kind of mill(s) will you be using with this tool? Patrick
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    vertical mill spindle square

    Hi Jerry, In regards to your runout concerns when using this tool, this is taken care of by the calibration step that as shown in the product video that I linked. And regarding your concern over the use of Chinese indicators, I personally try to stay away from Chinese tools but I think for...
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    vertical mill spindle square

    For those interested in a Mini version since our machines tend to be on the smaller side, there's a company in Arizona, USA that makes them here excluding the indicators which are from China but the price is only $100 (currently on sale). The centerline distance between the 2 indicators is 3...
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    Trupoise instructions

    Hi, I know I have a these instructions in my file cabinet but I won't be able to get to it until tomorrow or even Monday. If nobody else response by then, I'll scan and upload them for you. Patrick
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    Milling attachment w/8.5 mm spindle?

    Very nice looking milling attachment. I can also never turn down a great deal. I've rebuilt a lot of Levin spindles including all their headstock styles and their small spindle type as used on their milling attachment. Your spindle definitely looks like it was modeled from the Levin style as I...
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    Greiner - what do I do now... (Demagnetizer)

    Yup, you are using it correctly. I have one too and it works great and like you said, stuff certainly jumps. Nice to find one in an auction because they sure are expensive new. Patrick
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    Lathe Bearing Lubricant

    I'll provide my 2 cents on this. As someone who has used both Mobil Velocite #6 and #10, I now always use #10 as I just found #6 to be too thin. Also once I read the spindle oil recommendations from Motor Oil Inc., that confirmed for me that #10 (ISO 22) is a better choice for our watchmaker...
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    Boley f1- part of headstock

    I was thinking the same thing as I also saw all those Boley F1's lathes by this ebay seller ( so also thought there may be a good chance that he may have some parts. The seller was claiming to have 18 F1 style lathes to sell along with other lathes which I have to admit, I...
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    William D. Clement

    Hi Andy, I was going through my catalogs and found something that may be helpful for your research. It's The Clement Master Watchmaker's Lathe Outfit catalog which appears to be from 1923. It provides some good details and features of the Clement Universal Lathe and the attachments that were...
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    William D. Clement

    Regarding the Clement Jewelling Tailstock Accessory set, there is a table rest included as shown in the attached photo. The problem is that I have no idea how it attaches to the tailstock or anything else for that matter. I'm sure Clement didn't intend for you to drill a couple of holes into...
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    Derbyshire Micro Drill Press

    Hi Andy, Thanks for your response. That's nice to hear that the great grandson is currently involved with the company. I do wish they would update their website to show their current product offerings like Levin does as it would be nice to know what lathes and accessories can still be...
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    Derbyshire Micro Drill Press

    I also read the Derbyshire article and also noticed the nice precision micro drill press. Over the years, I've seen a couple of Derbyshire micro mills listed on ebay but never a micro drill press. I have a big weakness for these micro precision tools. :smile: Great article Andy, I really...
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    Lathe Cutting Tools

    If you need 3/16", I also like buying from McMaster Carr but that is the smallest they carry. If you need 1/8", you can get them from MSC at They carry both Cleveland and Chicago Latrobe in numerous grades but HSS is what I use. I used to use Cleveland when they were made in...
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    Webster Whitcomb Magnus Screwcutting Lathe

    Hi Nelson, I attached a PDF file that contains the 2 pages for the thread cutting attachment. Patrick
  15. logic

    Webster Whitcomb Magnus Screwcutting Lathe

    RunesS, that's not the correct Hardinge although I wouldn't mind owning one of those larger lathes. The correct Hardinge is Hardinge Brothers, Chicago, Ill. and they specialized in the manfacture of collets and bunch of accessories for watchmaker lathes. I have a Hardinge Bros. catalog and see...

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