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    Unsigned 18th Century Tall Case Clock

    The idiosyncratic rendering of the bird may point to its "pre-conventional" authenticity.
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    Please ID this Clock Marble Mantle Clock ID

    Others far more knowledgeable can confirm or deny, but I'd guess Boston Clock Company, tandem-wind, circa 1890. PATENT: Patent Images
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    20th c American After 1900 1920s? Ingraham 8-Day Alarm Luminous Clock

    Corroborating your dating, there is a very similar clock now on Ebay in the U.S. that states "Time Period Manufactured: 1950-1959."
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    Mistakes on clocks.

    The "1903 Model A Ford" caption is in a much later font - possibly Lucida Calligraphy, mid-1980s.
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    identify engraved letters?

    I agree. In engraved, interlaced, three-letter monograms in this style, the last name initial is usually centered, and often accentuated by cross-hatching, the first name initial on the left and the middle name initial on the right. CFL.
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    Chelsea Deck Clock No. 1 US NAVY

    I don't know if the Navy records survive and can be accessed. Maybe somebody more knowledgeable can help.
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    Chelsea Deck Clock No. 1 US NAVY

    No, that is a number assigned by the U.S. Navy. The Chelsea serial number is stamped on the movement, and often the back of the case.,%20%201990-%20%2016%20more%20rows%20
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    Clocks with nails

    The cabinet style is Henri II, popular in the latter part of the 19th century.
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    New Haven cigarette dispenser

    Great condition. I think filtered cigarettes may be anachronistic.
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    Question about a Waterbury mantle clock.

    I was mistaken. Ken's Clock Clinic that specializes in restoration of these notes "Both the Spider and Wasp were gold-plated with a glass sleeve, and the movement can be seen through the glass.... Most of the internal parts of the movement do not appear to have been gold plated with the...
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    Question about a Waterbury mantle clock.

    I believe that Waterbury's little novelty clocks, the 30-hour Hornet and 8-day Spider, had gold-plated movements that were displayed through their cylindrical, glass-sleeve cases.
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    John Fisher York Town 18th century tall clock

    Viewing the dial under UV light might be revelatory.
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    Sharing 2"tall Waterbury carriage clock

    The "Speck" - circa 1905-1912. Unusual to have the case!
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    To paint or not to paint? - Sessions restoration

    It has been over a year since I applied it to the Sessions mantle clock pictured, and I've not noticed any deterioration. If that eventually happens, it would be easy to touch up or re-do.
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    To paint or not to paint? - Sessions restoration

    As has been recommended, the appropriate shade of Rub n' Buff is an option, easy to apply and easily reversible. As Willie, noted, it should be compatible with the dial, bezel, and other elements.

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