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    If you could go back in time,

    Maskelyne's perspective would be of interest. 20 years after Longitude... rewriting “villainous” Maskelyne @beckyfh Having the Arnolds over for tea would undoubtedly make for sprightly conversation: Name help for 20th c. clockmakers
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    Ansonia Clock Co. "Old Ironsides" info on production

    If there is wall space next to the clock, a print of Grant's painting might be appropriate: RequestAPrint Selections from the White House Historical Association
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    How Do You Handle This - (An Open Discussion Question)

    Indeed! I inherited and alternately wear three pocket watches, one that my father acquired while in the USNavy in WWII and subsequently used every day of his working life, another, made in 1908, that had belonged to his uncle who had been a chauffeur motoring about in a Pierce-Arrow, and a...
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    French Pendule Religieuse by Chauvin of Lyon

    A wonderful acquisition! Coster's first ( set the standard with numbered minutes. Mightn't emphasizing the vastly-improved accuracy from about 15 minutes to 15 seconds per day have proved irresistible?
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    S. S. United States IBM clock

    Held since 1952! I loved Mary II's tenth birthday tribute from her peers:
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    Mantel Clock Carl Ludwig Buschberg Berlin w/ Verge escapement

    Silver leaf would tarnish over time (unless sealed with a clear varnish that would dull it.) I would guess that white gold (that is around 50% pure gold) is far more likely to have been used. Palladium leaf might be preferable now, but palladium had not been discovered until after the clock was...
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    Looking for new clock suppliers (Schatz, etc.)

    Chris, Have you checked out Hermle North America - Wholesale Distributor, Clocks, Home Decor > Search Results ?
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    Japanese Seikosha Wall Clock

    Hi Hoggs, You should visit the Seiko Museum website: Seiko History | THE SEIKO MUSEUM Information on Seiko Clocks | THE SEIKO MUSEUM I had emailed them concerning the vintage of the first clock above, and they promptly sent an image of it from their 1961 catalogue. They may prove helpful...
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    Japanese Seikosha Wall Clock

    I have two Seikoshas, one with a 12" cream-painted tin dial, and the other with a 13" of unpainted particle board:
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    Post alarm clocks and other small clocks here

    I had always thought the Bayard Stentor alarm clock that appeared in the mid-1930s a great example of art deco (streamline moderne) design but, before acquiring one, assumed it to be quite a bit smaller than its 150 mm+ (6") height: It dwarfs my Waterbury Wasp, Spider, Conductor, Hornet...
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    Mao Zedong alarm clock

    Rob, I cannot read them, but the Chinese characters under 6 pm on yours appear identical to those on the dial of this box clock of the "555" clock company of Shanghai. Maybe Chris9999 could translate.
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    New member and new (to me) Chelsea ship's clock

    Hi Dan. Any #5 clock key should do, but there are Chelsea keys and reproduction Chelsea keys available from your auction site. The latter part of this manual may be of interest to you: 9-1575.pdf If you want to date your clock, refer to the serial #...
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    Seth Thomas ships bell wood cased model

    That sounds like an accurate diagnosis. Persistent use of an oversized key is a very effective means of creating a round arbor.
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    Seth Thomas ships bell wood cased model

    Odd. The winding arbors appear to be of different sizes.
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    Seth Thomas ships bell wood cased model

    Beautiful clock! The model is the "Wardroom." See one that sold in 2013 here: Seth Thomas Wardroom Model Ship's Bell Clock | Sale Number 2652M, Lot Number 474 | Skinner Auctioneers
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