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    hands on Gustav Becker

    I have the twin but the hands are black
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    Mismatched disc pendulum??

    These clocks were exported in batches. I think it is more likely the importer/dealer mis-matched the two. We have seen previous cases
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    What can I do

    Re-silvering is easy. Filling the dial indents for the numbers and markers is the tricky bit, particularly as my hands are not as steady as they used to be
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    Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here

    It is a Wurth. I also notice you have it on Ebay for sale. Shame about the condition of the dial, otherwise a good clock.
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    Post Your Gustav Becker 400-Day Clocks Here

    I have been to the B'ham clock fair several times. Don't hold your breath, but you might be surprised. My clock has the supports for the suspension guard, but is not currently fitted. I do have one, might fit it sometime. We do not live far apart, only 25 miles, perhaps we ought to meet.
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    Post Your Gustav Becker 400-Day Clocks Here

    I would have expected it to have a top finial as well, picture of mine is attached
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    Any idea who made it?

    It works, great!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wurth suspension bracket 16

    I am pretty confident the pendulum is not original. It is a Badische model. Wurth were supplied with a number of different pendulums. If you look in this link Post Your W. Würth & Co. Clocks Here for a post from Ingulphus in 2008 you will see the most likely match and others.
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    Another exotic clock to keep you amused

    The website shows online bids prior to the auction, not live bids at the auction, which you can only see if you are registered for the auction. They take a while to catch up on the standard website. I bid up to £1350 and failed.
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    Another exotic clock to keep you amused

    I referred this clock to JH before I bid on it. The case and garniture are not as pristine as the photos suggest. I did not win the clock. Here are his comments on the clock. Grivolas produced clocks until near the end of 1914 and possibly into early 1915. The movements of their own design...
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    Another exotic clock to keep you amused

    Fine French coloured marble and ormolu mounted torsion mantel clock garniture, the 5" white dial
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    Rare clock

    Came up for auction only an hour from where I live. Would have loved to have bought it, but did not have enough spare funds at this point in time.
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    Rare clock

    An anniversary type Clock in glass dome Worth a look
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    Huber 4-glass

    I am not convinced they are the wrong hands. I have four glass Haucks and Wurths from the same period with not dissimilar hands
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    Torsion Top finials

    Same here, still getting used to the new format

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