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    Replacing with quartz?

    Re: Screw-in (or up) bushings? Mark Are you certain about that? I have a Quad in a customers clock at the moment. On "gong" it sounds the full count on the hour but there is no strike sound on the half hour.
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    Problem with Strike

    "Any other suggestions?" Yes. Bring the clock to someone that knows what they are doing. Or put it away until you can learn basic clock repair on another, simpler clocks. You have seen what a mainspring can do to your fingers. Just imagine if this happens when the springs are at full wind...
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    Cleaning by Ball Burnishing

    What's the advantage to using this system plus ammoniated cleaning solution? Isnt that defeating the purpose?
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    Ithaca Grandfather.. New Member

    Dick Not necessarily. I've known many clock owners that want their clock to look "nice" and run well. They could care less about originality or potential market value. Substitute parts, rathbun bushings, globs of solder, screw in bushings, it's ok with them. No convincing them of the errors...
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    Cleaning by Ball Burnishing

    John There must be a down-side or most of us would be using this process by now. It's been around for a while.
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    I am done with ammoniated cleaners!!!

    Try Historic Timekeepers or DEOX-007. Little or no odor. Ventilation anyways. Not all chemicals that do harm have an odor. (Carbon monoxide comes to mind.) As for the health issues, I would think that the amount of ammonia exposure needed to cause COPD over a period of years would be very...
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    Clock "Repair"?

    How about a photo of the inside? Photo of the current movement? Why are you so certain it was not electric to begin with. Electric GF clocks have been around a long time.
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    Antique Grandfather clock, strange stopping pattern

    Certainly not s.v. if the clock stops with the weights all the way up but runs all the way down when past 1/3. Have you tried swapping the weights, not that I can see any difference there, unless one is bigger in diameter than the other and it is rubbing somewhere in the upper case. Could the...
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    I should know this but,,,,,,

    Gee...I wonder what happened to my "twinkies" reply?
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    Very odd cuckoo

    Yes, I have one. But it's hanging on the wall quietly. No time to work on it so I cant help with the setup.
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    Can o' kerosene

    Tell them it's a fire hazard. If their house catches fire and they bring in a dog to sniff for anything flammable they could face arson charges. (Far fetched, but if they believe the kerosene works they should believe that one.) :excited:
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    I should know this but,,,,,,

    Doorbell? Naw. Door bells go "ding-dong".
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    Ansonia Time and Strike Don't Match

    Has any of the members considered that the clock may not be set-up properly? When one of my customers has a problem with a clock that has run in my shop for weeks, it's usually a set-up problem or they have been walking around the house with the bob in the clock. Looking at the photos, the...
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    Need help learning how to clean and oil my recently acquired antique clock.

    I will echo Willie's very wise advice. Do you have any experience repairing clocks? A ships bell clock with a hairspring can be a challenge to a well experienced repairman. Your clock is running now. Leave it as is, and enjoy it. In the meantime, you can study up on clock repair or have it...
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    SMITHS K6A 8 day Westminster Clock, need assistance

    I agree. Examine the teeth of the time barrel. With the barrel in the wrong direction the teeth will not match with the pinion going up the train.
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