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    "Trade Mark" movement - Korean?

    I believe we are not going to agree on this issue as I still hold to my original view after reading your interpretation.
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    "Trade Mark" movement - Korean?

    Thank you for pointing that out new2clocks! They do indeed have a list of references on the front of the Trade Mark page. That however in my eyes is only half the job. If you are looking to maintain a scholarly resource there should be an intext reference for each entry. I would still like to...
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    "Trade Mark" movement - Korean?

    Thanks Steven!
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    "Trade Mark" movement - Korean?

    Yes, typing late at night and reading from two sources. My brain thinking one thing and my fingers typing another. The link I used was to the site Charles Davis composed. I'm not particularly happy with the way mikrolisk use that data without any reference to Charles. Or, put their watermark on...
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    "Trade Mark" movement - Korean?

    Yes, it is a Japanese movement made by Eikeisha.
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    Balance wheel vs pendulum

    This thread comparing Hermle pendulum/balance movements had some interesting posts on the subject: READ HERE
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    Truth or Myth

    I'm moving this thread to clock repair as it would seem more suited to that forum.
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    German Unusual Vienna Wall Clock

    I can't help with the maker, but I can say it is a very unusual movement. I've not seen another that it reminds me off. Hopefully someone will recognise it. And yes, the horns look very much like a latter addition.
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    New astrolabe clock

    Thank you Bernie! I suspected that was the cast. I will copy this our Electric Horology forum.
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    New astrolabe clock

    Probably a dumb question, but what is the power source?
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    Jauch 77 clock weights.

    My 77 also runs on 6 pound.
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    Help ID : P. Allana & Sons Olympic Karachi

    The trademark on the movement is Meiji. A Japanese clock maker. Mun beat me to it ;-)
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    vienna weights

    This is how I do it. You cut a brass disc that is a snug fit to the inside of the tube. You will have a hole in the middle of the disk. Countersink the side of the hole that will be on the outside, then press the disk into the bottom of the tub. When you pour the lead, a small amount will seep...
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    vienna regulators w/ blue dial numbers?

    That seems to be a very reasoned response to me.
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    Help identify a trademark

    I also have a regulator with a case that is very similar. It is made by a Japanese manufacturer.

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