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    drill for tap sizes

    Even if Bergeon did not state the pitch of your taps, they do actually have a pitch. You should find out what it is. You can measure the distance between two crests on the tap. Or you can ask your dealer, and while you are at it, ask about the drill size.
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    Is Demagnitizer working or broke?

    Your compass has been demagnetized and is now useless, we presume. The moral being, don't "test" a demagnetizer on a compass.
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    Speaking of Drills....

    Another advantage of good screw machine drills is that they usually have split points for improved cutting. Cheap, and most expensive, drill sharpeners will not restore the split point end. They will give you a normal point. Note that standard twist drill bits are not sharpened to suit...
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    Unimat for clock work?

    I bought a new Unimat SL in 1965 and used it that year to machine a model steam forging hammer from a casting kit. It was my only milling machine for about eight years. I bought the WW spindle for the Unimat, but never used it. I did not consider the Unimat to be a very good lathe, but it was...
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    Replacment Flex Shaft

    Foredom expects the inner and outer flexible shafts to be replaced eventually, so they list them in their online catalog. An old Marshall unit is possibly a private-labeled Foredom model CC. But you might need to ask Foredom before ordering the parts. The Vigor brand flex shaft tools are...
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    Sharpening gravers

    Buck, if you just open the original reference and delete the extension in the website name (the part after ".com") and hit "Go," you will get the website home from which the sharpening info was found: Machine shop book for sale I do not have the book, so I don't know if it would be worth the...
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    Sharpening gravers

    It is a common practice to sharpen and use both ends of high speed steel tool bits for metal lathes. Here is some useful information on tool bit sharpening angles, to get you started: Tool Bit Sharpening Basics Most watch lathe slide rests and tool posts were designed to use 3/16 inch square...
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    Fitting a chuck to the tailstock, how?

    I have made and sold many tailstock chuck arbors at various Marts over the years. I make them of 12L14 steel with either .300 inch or 8.0 mm diameters and long enough for any likely need. I put a threaded black plastic knob on one end and a 1 Jacobs taper on the other. The taper is done on a...
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    Tools from Bowmans of Lancaster, PA

    Your EFB gravers are of the style best used for cutting decoration in soft metal. As to age, the EFB style, complete with 19th century patent dates, have been made for over 100 years. I bought some new ones only about 30 years ago and I see they are still being sold. Just Google to see some...
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    pennant lathe manual

    I doubt that such a manual was ever written for any specific make of the older lathes, except for the complicated Clement. The other lathes were so simple that the lathe makers expected the users to know what to do with them. Remember that the target market for these old lathes was...
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    jewel inspection loop magifcation

    If I want more than 10X magnification, I use a Bausch & Lomb Stereozoom 7 microscope. With 10X eyepieces, the power range is 10X to 70X, which is fine for watch work. I have other lens combinations that cover 5X to 280X. One of these scopes is on a boom mount over my Levin 10mm watch lathe...
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    Crown Chuck Question

    You need to determine if the chucks will work. That is, will they hold crowns. It may not matter if the two threaded parts screw completely together if they will tighten up with a crown inside. Try each size that you expect to need.
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    cleaning lathe tools

    The best cleaner for nickel or chrome plate, in my experience, is the various brands of German abrasive paste polishing compounds. Simichrome is one brand that I see for sale often. Apply with a rag and rub hard. It will not leave scratches, and will remove rust and oil film. It will...
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    Lusting for Swiss Mills and Lathes

    Of course, eBay is a source for about anything you could name. Just remember eBay is people and people are all different. You win some and you lose some, but I have not been robbed very many times. You will benefit from reading/joining the Practical Machinist Schaublin lathe forum at...
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    Lathe Serial Numbers

    Most makers did not serial number their lathes on more than one component. Marshall is one exception. C&E Marshall Co. bought the old Moseley lathe company sometime around the 1930's. They sold lathes with the Moseley, Peerless, Marshall and Standard names. I believe they were the only...

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