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    Hand tension design for a Hallers 400 Day

    I've torn a couple of these down. It appears that there is a domed washer under the hand nut. This will put some tension on the cannon pinion. The tension situation on the cannon pinion shouldn't really stop the just makes it harder to turn the minute hand if the tension is too...
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    Kaiser Universe narrow plate pendulum

    Given what I'm seeing, you're holding the W weight but I see no other connection to it to make it move along with E pendulum. I wish I had taken better pictures of the pendulum weights when I had mine apart. IMO I think only weights N and S are designed to move. The others appear to be...
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    Kaiser Universe narrow plate pendulum

    Well, that's certainly a problem! I didn't take my pendulum apart that far. But I agree, that pin that comes out of the arm sure would stop the weight from moving. But it's important to know that only two of the weights move. It looks like the one weight you're holding and the one on the...
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    My latest project- Gustav Becker

    Welcome to the message board! With only the logo it's a little difficult to nail down where and when the clock was built. That particular logo seems to have been used in both the Freiburg and the Braunau sites. The dates, depending on the site, range from around 1906 to 1925. Kurt
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    Kaiser Universe narrow plate pendulum

    Some of the pictures are out of focus, but I assume that your setup is like the ones that I've overhauled. My "tutorial" of sorts is here: Kaiser Universe Overhaul | NAWCC Forums If I understand the issue, the pins you mention is supposed to fit into the spiral groove in the piece that comes...
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    Need help identifying my newly acquired 400 clock.

    I believe the story is that Herr used to work for Schatz and left the company. He began to make his own clocks, borrowing a lot of the design cues from Schatz. The screw just above the eccentric should be more like the one near the middle of the plate...these screws are there to support a...
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    Kundo Clock Help Needed

    You should be able to eyeball the hands on how they're set onto the cannon pinion and hour wheel...easy enough to ensure there's plenty of clearance. Kurt
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    Help identify please

    Guide cups as we know them first appeared in 1933 by Kundo. Can't say as I've seen/heard of something like that for the bottom of the pendulum. Could this be a user modification?? Kurt
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    Kundo Clock Help Needed

    BTDT! This type of thing is pretty frustrating and difficult to track down. If it's stopping consistently in less than 10 minutes...and that is dependent on how much you initially rotate the pendulum...there might a specific conflict on one pinion and one wheel. But in that short of time, I'm...
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    Gustav Becker, P 14, # 4367

    Where is the number stamped? I don't see it on any of the images so far. The logo appears to be similar to the Freiburg logo for 1913/1914-1934. If that is the serial number for the movement, then it was likely built in 1931 after GB converted from their 7-digit numbering system. Becker...
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    Post Your Gustav Becker 400-Day Clocks Here

    John Hubby provides some info here (ca 2014) about the first appearance of Louvre clocks by GB. He indicates that was 1922. Kurt
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    What's wrong ?

    I think that much of a jump is too much...even 0.0039" is probably too much. You're only 1.25 minutes per hour fast. I think you should slowly thin the current spring and keep checking your beats per minute. Do it slowly and sneak up on the right number. Kurt
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    Can you identify the figure on this clock?

    Any chance this is missing some kind of pole fitted to the small item to the left of the left foot and running up and through the left hand? There are a lot of images of Joan of Arc in just such a pose. Kurt
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    Gb skeleton

    Nice work! It does look so much better! Kurt
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    Post Your Gustav Becker Clocks Here

    I think the reason behind the "M" hasn't been determined at this point. Kurt

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