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    cleaning metal dials

    That link will not pull up on how to clean, in my case, a Hamilton size 12 metal dial? I used Polident on one metal dial and it took every bit of the paint off of it what came out was a blank piece of steel or whatever it was. What I need is a good safe way to clean a deeply dirty Hamilton metal...
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    Ebay Pocket Watch chop shop

    Oh, the heck with it here is my 16 size 21 J veritas as well, the movement is by far it’s most redeeming feature and I must confess that is a homemade display case, sorry.
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    Ebay Pocket Watch chop shop

    Or for that matter how about this Elgin “veritas “and don’t even get me started on the beauty of the Dueber – Hampton William McKinley model . That is some of the most beautiful damaskeening I’ve seen and they aren’t really that expensive, I don’t think, I paid $250 for mine and it keeps perfect...
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    Ebay Pocket Watch chop shop

    You As a new member and a relatively new collector only about three or four years, I am also about a three or four year student watchmaker but only railroad grade pocket watches. I would really like to know which Ebay) seller you’re speaking of so that I don’t purchase from that person. I...
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    How do you work a pivot lathe?

    How do you work this pivot lathe? And does this look like it is worth the $50 they’re asking for it? I believe I can see how you would chuck up the balance staff in it but I don’t understand how you would make any adjustments to where is the Graver is or how you would get the thing to turn. Can...
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    Whats best RAILROAD watch made and why?

    I certainly appreciate everyone’s comments but even in my limited experience everybody knows that the Hamilton 950 B is the best railroad watch ever made
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    Questions about a Robert Roskel fake ?

    I have a Robert Roskel antique pocket watch and I’m having trouble finding much information on it at all. I am confident that it is a fake due to what looks to me like a Swiss movement. The problem I’m having is the case material does appear to be actual 18 karat gold and the dial which was...
  8. Movement photo of  1919 Illinois A Lincoln

    Movement photo of 1919 Illinois A Lincoln

  9. 1919 Illinois A Lincoln

    1919 Illinois A Lincoln

    1919 Illinois A Lincoln
  10. My pocket watches

    My pocket watches

    Pocket watches from my collection
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    American PW How to slow down a Pocket Watch?

    This is not a reply so much as a related question. I am new to watch making as I am a three-year watchmaker which makes me quite the novice and I was wondering about these watch demagnetizers is there a particular brand either antique or new that would be recommended above others and also very...

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