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    Dividing Head for Mill

    I made the mistake of visiting Jerry at his home in day I ordered the Sherline CNC Rotary table.:) What a great tool! I'm building WR Smiths Skeleton clock and I used it to cut all the gear teeth and cross out the wheels. I thought it was worth the investment...
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    Seth Thomas 8-Day Column & Cornice

    This is what I have in mine. This was in teardown before cleaning. It's a Seth Thomas. Hope this helps. Kim
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    Clockmakers Brass

    I bought some 3/16" 353 1/2 hard from Sequoia Brass and Copper. They have a website. I used it for the plates on WR Smith Skeleton Clock.
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    Seth Thomas 86 40 Tooth Escape Wheel Dimensions

    Mike, I just made a new anchor for an 86AF, and the escape wheel measured 1.840" OD and had 64 teeth. Not sure if this helps. Kim
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    Broken drill

    Jeff, I may be able to help you with this. Check you PM. Kim
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    Cuckoo Clock Minute Hand

    I thought a nut goes on first, but just far enough for the minute hand to catch the square, then the minute hand, then the washer, then the outer nut. The original picture from the OP shows the correct arrangement, but the inside nut probably has to be unscrewed a bit so it doesn't lock up the...
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    Morbier Bell

    I'm looking for a bell for a Morbier Clock. Thanks. Kim
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    Basic Lathe Procedures

    Thanks for sharing Jerry. I always enjoy reading your informative posts.
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    Bent gear tooth... Is it always necessary to replace?

    Use the search function and look up "Planishing". Lots of information there. Kim
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    cases for orphan movements

    Very nice! Where do you get your movements? Kim Miller
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    Seth Thomas Electric Motor

    I'm looking for a replacement motor for a Seth Thomas A502-001 General Time Corp., or someone that can rebuild. It was working, but when I removed the movement the insulating material between the coil disintegrated. Or is this something I can rebuild myself? Thanks for any help. Kim Miller
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    English Tall Case Movement & Dial

    That's what I'll do then. I'm going to have to do some disassembly, because someone else tried to re-glue several areas and did a lousy job. There is a bottom. Some worm holes in the back but the rest of the case is ok. I'll post progress in the case restoration section. Thanks for the advice! Kim
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    English Tall Case Movement & Dial

    Thanks for the information. Kim
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    English Tall Case Movement & Dial

    Here are some case pictures.
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    English Tall Case Movement & Dial

    Yes, I'll add some pictures of the case later this afternoon. Thank You!

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