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    If you could back in time, what watch would you buy?

    Brilliant idea Clint, in fact, it was worth as much as silver at some points in time. "The 1884 price of aluminum was approximately $1 per ounce, the same as the then prevailing market price of silver, which was considered a precious metal." I remember reading about the capping of the...
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    Waltham Maximus Diamond in Opera Case

    Really nice and VERY unusual watch! I love it!
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    A Cautionary Tale for Safety Deposit Box Holders

    Oh that just make me ill! I refuse to give someone else control of my property.
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    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas to all of you! Especially to those of you who have expanded my knowledge in this wonderful world of horology. Happy Holidays!
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    Waltham watch in Benedict Brothers box?

    Thanks Jerry, that clears it up.
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    Waltham watch in Benedict Brothers box?

    Ok wait, hold on! That's a Bridge model. Waltham made what, 3600 total? And you have a double private label version?? So how many of those exist then?....mind blown.... I saw a Bridge model on the "bay" not too long ago and the guy was asking $9k for it. No, it was not in a precious metal...
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    Merry Christmas! Christmas Gift Pocket Watch Inscriptions

    Ethan, great thread and even greater watches! Thanks so much for sharing your collection, I never get tired of seeing your stunning timepieces. I really wish I had a Christmas watch to share, but alas, I do not. I just wanted to say thank you.
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    Hairspring Help!

    No, the spring got tangled from the force of the compressed air blowing on it. I then removed the wheel from the balance to try to untangle it. It sounds like you're saying to take it a step further and completely remove the spring from the wheel, and then insert a piece of plastic to try and...
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    Hairspring Help!

    I really screwed the pooch on this one. Committed a cardinal sin I believe. After removing the balance cock from the watch I placed it in a separate cage and placed it and the movement in my Watchmaster. No problems until I decided to use canned air to "gently" blow off the remaining solution...
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    New York Standard Watch Company

    I was going to post my chrono, but I already have it loaded in your site Nathan. S/N 106771. I assume the data is accurate. It was sold to me as 11j but Rob (Musicguy) convinced me it was 7j. I trust his judgement. My original pics can be found here...
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    Woodrow Wilson Watch stolen

    My stomach turned when I read this Jerry. I hope you're wrong, I really do. Having said that, I fear you may be right.:mad:
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    Woodrow Wilson Watch stolen

    I never understood why someone would steal such a high profile item like this. What are you gonna do with it? Sure you can sell it on the black market if you know what you're doing but, to that buyer, what does he do with it? Can't exactly post it here on the MB as "My most recent addition.." LOL.
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    A Waltham dial quandary

    Yes, and as I recall, the variance I noticed within the '88's themselves was quite drastic. I'm talking nearly 1/32". (If my memory is as accurate as my dial calipers). I think I remember .025" was the most difference in the O.D. I measured. When I have time I will revisit this with a little...
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Thank you Paul. This clears it up for me! :thumb:
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    Please Show the Most Recent Addition to Your Collection

    Nice watch StanJS! I have one of those too! S/N 150301 posted a few pages back. Mine has arabic numerals which I understand are less common.