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    Elgin, Grade 479, 12s - circa 1927

    Hi Guys, Just a quick thanks for all your replies. They have been very informative and helpful. I have found a couple of job lot batches of pocket watch crystals on ebay here in Germany for not much money, so I think I will buy them. As I plan to continue collecting pocket watches, I guess they...
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    Elgin, Grade 479, 12s - circa 1927

    Hi Rick, Thanks for your quick reply. I do have a caliper, but I'm curious as to how accurate you need to measure? Is there a working +/- tolerance for crystal sizing? Cheers kenby
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    Elgin, Grade 479, 12s - circa 1927

    Hi Guys, I am new on NAWCC. I live in Germany and have been collecting pocket watches for a few years now. I have a very nice 'Art Deco' Elgin, grade 479, 12s open face pocket watch. The watch runs well. Stupidly, I broke the watch crystal, while opening the back of the watch. I am...

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