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    American Help with Rare S. B. Terry clock missing pieces

    With many thanks to a well known New England Auction house, I was able to find a second example of this type of movement. Interestingly enough, the dial in their example mounts by pinning to the side of the case. I only have one hole, where i should have four. I will have to look very...
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    replacement reverse glass from scratch

    Hello, Lovely process you have going.. I know you said you were using rustoleum flat black for the stencil backing, but what kind of paint are you using for the detail work? Regular artist oils? Thanks!
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    American Help with Rare S. B. Terry clock missing pieces

    I picked up this S.B. Terry clock last August. However, it is unclear how the movement is supposed to be mounted. There appear to be numerous case shadows for large mounting blocks, but I cannot find another example with this particular movement to go by. Unsure of how the dial is supposed to...
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    Clock Open C. Jerome bristol OG case

    Did you ever find one? I might have one.

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