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    Proper Case for South Bend 229?

    The 295 and the The Studebaker are somewhat different. The The Stud 229 is somewhat more modern. I think that quality wise they are pretty much equal. The 295 might be a little better looking. The 295 is the basis for the Polaris...which is the king of the South Bends.
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    Proper Case for South Bend 229?

    I would put it in a short neck GF case of this style. Some South Bend watches were sold as cased watches in South Bend Panama branded cases but not all of them. This case actually held a SB 295 which is pretty much the same quality at a "The Studebaker."
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    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    It made my hip hurt when I found a pocket it would fit in. It needed two lift springs and stout ones at that. I don't regret much in the watch biz but I regret selling that one. And, BTW, in this day and age there are true facts and well...let's not get into it. :cool:
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    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    I think there were and probably are gold cases much heavier than 6 or 7 ounces. I have owned a silver case of 20+ ounces. The miners holding some of their gold in massive cases is a true fact. I am sure a lot these huge gold cases have been melted but 6 or 7 ounce cases are surely not the big ones.
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    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    That's pretty interesting Rhett. Do we know who owns that now?
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    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    It has bee a while Clint but my recollection is that it was.
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    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    Is that the Lucke coat of arms on the back?
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    Sidewalk post clock maker

    Just read this in The Times Jim. Great work by NAWCC members and The NAWCC Forums. BTW, I was at the Museum in Columbia this week and the new Public Time Gallery is looking fantastic. Thanks to Frank and to all of the people who have put the work and the money into this great story the NAWCC...
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    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    Rob, If it had been photo worthy, I would still have it. It was a formerly engine turned case with all of the pattern but a trace worn off. That's why it's gone.
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    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    I once had an old Howard "N" size with an 18k Hunting case that weighed 6 troy ounces, 120dwt, 186 grams without the springs, crystal, stem and crown. The watch is now in the collection of someone who likes gold more than I do. There are heaver gold cases out there.
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    Surprise Hamilton find! Why is it so rare?

    What a great find. These are really nice watches. With a production of...probably...over 1,000, I would not call this watch rare. it is a relatively low production Hamilton and they are a bit scarce but I guess this all depends on your definition. I believe that some of the production of this...
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    Waltham Model 1892, 17j, Vanguard Grade, s/n 6026588 - From the First Run of Vanguard Grade Model 1892

    Richard, I have a first run hunter too and though the signature script is the same as yours, yours has different and spectacular numerals. I love your dial. I also agree that these first two runs of 17j open and hunter are the best Vanguards. Thanks for the great post and photos.
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    Keystone/Howard arrow markings on movements.

    From "The Complete Guide."
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    Hamilton Private Labels, Please add to the list

    I love it Leigh. Here is what "Find-A-Grave" has on the dude... Augustus William Bishop was born at Connellsville on February 19th, 1867. His parents had first come to Connellsville in 1832. Augustus found work with Connellsville’s first jeweler, A, B. Morton in 1881. He took to that work...
  15. John Cote

    Information on Howard Pocket Watch

    The people who "fixed" your watch obviously did not really fix it. You can't really over wind this watch. There is something else going on. What is wrong could be a number of things or a combination of things, such as a broken or bent pivot on the balance staff to some reason why power from the...

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