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    Illinois 18s 21j Bunn Special s/n 1286286 Question

    First or all...what an absolutely killer watch. We really have no records of when these Illinois movements were finished or sold. We are pretty sure, from research done by people like Meggers and Levine, that movements sat around in a gray state...unfinished until orders came in. Sometimes, due...
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    What a nice pawn shop collection. Cheers.
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    The cleanest ever Waltham - "Sunlight Soap"

    In the US we ended up with a lot of dial production farmed out to a few dial manufacturers. This probably started to happen in the teens and twenties. Some of these dial companies cooperated with American distributors ofSwiss wrist watches to put logos etc on Swiss dials. They sometimes did this...
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    The cleanest ever Waltham - "Sunlight Soap"

    Is the red soap printing on top of the dial or under a top glaze like the black Waltham print? The red looks just slightly crooked to the black print, which is common even if it was done at the same time with a different/second die.
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    Special free-sprung 12s Waltham

    I have been away from connection to the internet for a few days and have just seen this thread. Much as I hate the word rare as applied to watches in most cases it is certainly appropriate here. Having read about this watch before in some of the noted references, I hold out some hope that with...
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    Aurora to Lancaster: The Origin of the Hamilton Watch Co.

    This is great Greg. Thanks for putting all of this on the MB.
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    A.W.W.Co Dial - hand painted with Locomotive

    There is a similar Waltham factory made dial with a Dominion RR locomotive on it. This is a not so good copy of that famous and beautiful dial. The base dial may be an actual Waltham dial but the whole face of the dial has been redone probably with a decal.
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    Unmarked Hamiltons

    Some of the early 96x Hamiltons are totally unmarked on the movements except for the serial numbers. Some even have unmarked dials.
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    Hamilton Dial Questions

    These number being obscured can be the result of a lot of things. Some of the time it is simple that someone has replaced the original crystal with a thicker crystal. Then you can go to re-casing etc. However, it is always possible that the customer picked a case that originally obscured these...
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    Tiffany and Co

    The serial number of this movement and the look of the movement does not correspond with Patek Philippe production. This is probably a product of Tiffany's own production facility.
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    A Miscased Hamilton 970 (Or is it?)

    Recasing these movement is a pain in the you know what. It is a beautiful movement. The dial isn't perfect but it is a cool dial. I would put on a new hand and let the rest go....but that's me. I love the 970 grade.
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    Hamilton's 16s 960 - 969 Series Watches

    Steve, I am with Terry Hall. Please post a more closeup photo of the movement and the dial of this watch. You acquired a very interesting variant of the 960. It is a beautiful and, I think, a pretty important watch compared to a regular, run-of-the-mill 960.
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    Who was the targeted market for Hamilton "Adjusted for Railroad Service" Watches?

    I agree Dewey. I wonder if anyone has examples of period ads or any other period marketing info by the jeweler for these watches?
  14. John Cote

    Who was the targeted market for Hamilton "Adjusted for Railroad Service" Watches?

    It cost Tucker practically nothing to do this. It is pretty easy to see that he did it to provide his customers with a cooler watch. The watches sold in pretty big numbers. What more do you need. It is marketing.
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    Who was the targeted market for Hamilton "Adjusted for Railroad Service" Watches?

    I believe most of these watches, both 18 and 16 size were ordered by a couple of companies. I have always considered them private labels. I don't think they were functionally any different from the grades they were made from. I think they were marketed by the jeweler or jobber who ordered them.

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