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    Baylor Watch / Swiss Made

    Was your Norseman a date or not and or an automatic wind or did it have to be wound daily?
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    1920 / 1921 Ingersoll Yankee Mainspring

    Doesn't the spring have notched edges were it passes thru a slit in the barrel?
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    Restoring Clock Dials

    Do any of you know about restoring paper printed character clock and watch dials? Isn't it possible to digital copy a perfect dial to reapply to the old dial?
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    Precise Watch Timer

    I have the same Precise Watch Timer and the microphone and amplifier circuit all work but the sychro motor and disc spin with the neon light not working/blinking. I tested for current with a multi meter set on DCV on 20 but got nothing at the pin socket where the plug connects the sychro motor...
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    How to fix MOP dial ( Mother of Pearl)

    I know this is a very old topic but I'm needing to understand the same thing about a crack in MOP dial. I don't see where anyone post a "before & after" photo of a dial sent off for repair/refinishing. I'm hoping the photo is someplace that I can access for reference. The pearl dial belongs to...
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    Mechanical WW How to clean a vintage 30s Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch

    Do you know where or how to date the movements with the serial#? I see a "Renissance Watch Repairs" listing that has a chart but the chart is only 1/3 exposed and I can't see any way to open the whole chart?
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    Help with Ingersoll US Time Mickey Mouse Watch 1950's?

    Does anyone manufacture a reissue duplicat watch strap in patent leather for the 1946/47 US Time Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck wrist watches in red or blue?
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    hairspring repair

    This hairspring is from a clock, is this procedure also possible for a watch spring? I'm guessing not? I have 3 Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watches that have hairsprings less snagged than the one in the diagram above, and the shag is all closer to the outside of the coil where it is coming in to...
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    Mechanical WW How to clean a vintage 30s Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch

    Replacement hairsprings would be available as new or new old stock or would they have to be taken from an original mechanism of same brand, style and vintage? If the spring is not very mangled and just slightly snagged, would it have to be sent to someone to straighten or is there a method that...
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    Mechanical WW Mickey Mouse WW Crystal

    I'm confused at how to make the measurements for the crystal? I know the 1193 is the crystal for my 1946 Ingersoll mickey mouse but I have a few 5 roll cases on 1938/40 MM models that I can't find any info on?
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    Mechanical WW Mickey Mouse WW Crystal

    Is the GS t-1193 the crystal without the lip around the edges? Do you also believe GS is still in business and producing these crystals?
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    Mechanical WW How to clean a vintage 30s Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch

    Are you also suggesting I soak the disassembled parts in Naptha or lighter fluid? Do I soak the mainspring also? I've always heard that soaking and cleaning the mechanism without disassembly is bad for the long term health of the watch? If the hairspring is bent or snagged at one end, can it be...
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    Mechanical WW How to clean a vintage 30s Ingersoll Mickey Mouse watch

    I'm trying this for the first time and want to know what to soak the mechanism parts in?
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    Mechanical WW Mickey Mouse WW Crystal

    I need the GS TF1193 on the right side, can you tell me if you can sell one?
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    Mechanical WW Mickey Mouse WW Crystal

    Is there a company that's reproducing the 30's Ingersoll crystals, or is it only NOS? I have a 1939 MM tank with 5 rolls on the sides of the case and the paper face with all black eyes and the blued second hand that needs one.

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