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    Help resurrect 1933 Dietrich Gruen watch

    Looks like your are not interested in completing your project as I have not had any reply. I have a perfect match for this job. Jim miller
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    Help resurrect 1933 Dietrich Gruen watch

    Hey Waine, I have a donor watch with good setting parts. where do I send it? jim miller
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    Repairing slide for ladies neck chain

    I have fixed this problem by inserting small pieces of cork into the slide. Eventually they work free and have to be replace.
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    Vibrograf MU700 Time

    Guy, If you would like a copy of the manual, email your address to me. jim miller
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    12 size south bend digital watch

    Dose anyone have an example of a South Bend digital watch? I have one that is missing a few parts and would be interested in restoring it. Love to see one. Who has an example. I understand that possibly only 30 were made. This would be a 429 12 size.
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    Need help, looking for a specific ETA datewheel, can't find it

    stijnc_b, I think I have one, where do I send it? jim miller
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    Rockford 18S with LP switch

    thanks! This one is in the shop for an estimate. If we agree on a price I will take this one down and replace, the staff and roller jewel and clean it and try to take some pictures. First time I ever worked on one like this and I have been working at it for 50 + years.:razz:
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    Rockford 18S with LP switch

    My first time to see an 18 S Rockford with an LP switch. What does this feature do?:confused: thanks jim miller
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    Ball 16 S part needed

    I have a Ball Watch Co Cleveland OH 16S watch serial # B250794. It runs well but has a broken set lever. Does anyone know where I can get one. Thanks Jim Millero:)
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    American PW Sleeve for Antique Waltham ww Needed

    I am sure I have a few of these in the shop. send me you address and I will get one to you.:bigsmile: jim miller
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    American PW I need a part for a 12 size Waltham

    I have a disc with seconds on it, I have no idea what it goes to. If you think it might work email me and I will send it on. jim miller :bigsmile:
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    Vibrograf MU700 Time

    Larry, I found the vibrograf MU700 manual tonight. Its 10 pages. So, I can scan it and fax it to you or make a copy and send it via US post office . Just let me know.:D jim miller
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    Vibrograf MU700 Time

    Larry , I have the manual somewhere in the shop. I will try to find it htis week. Send me a private e mail with your address and I will get you a copy. jim miller
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    Dynamic Poising Help

    OK lets assume everything is all buggerded up. So take the hairspring off the balance wheel. screw the 4 mean time screws all the way in and then take each one out an equal distance. Put your balance wheel on the poising tool and check for heavy spots. Fix them. run the balance wheel in the...
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    Baum & Mercier 7736

    not good at taking pictures as I don't have a digital camera. The watch is classy as it has an up-down indicator in the upper right corner. It is 18kt and manual wind. After sweating for about 3 hrs and checking in with Mr. Bill I decided to slip a razor blade under the gear that was press fit...

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